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Thursday, March 14, 2019

LutherQueasies Mocking Justification by Faith

LutherQueasy kills threads once I have sliced the low-class baloney they put out. With malice prepense, I quote them verbatim.

I wonder if someone there has GA experience from WELS - playing a game, taking both sides at once.

United by allegiance to their Father Below, they began quoting Melanchthon's Apology, one of the best sources for Justification by Faith.

First it was SS, then Rolfie One-Note, whose devotion to forgiveness without faith makes me dab the tears (of laughter) from my eyes.

Working my way through Scaer's undisciplined autobiography, I noticed him using Subjective Justification as a synonym for Justification by Faith. Either the Ft. Wayne faculty and students are fatally stupid, or they play for the gallery du jour. They spew hatred for the Chief Article - as LQ and Rolfie always do - or they do a U-turn for a moment and wear the livery of the Christian Faith. But the trouble with being a chameleon is - they can turn every color but white.

To be clear, Objective Justification is NOT the Atonement, and Dr. Robert Preus said so.

To correct Dave Scaer - with a in-house ThD from the hive CFW Walther built - Subjective Justification is agreeing with the absolution of the world without faith. Let's hear it from the kidnapper, gold and land thief, and riot organizer hisself -

 This is a clear, articulate reproduction of Halle Pietism, as taught by Bohemian Pietist Martin Stephan to Pietist CFW Walther, BA.

"Let not many be teachers." The less one knows about Biblical doctrine (see P. Hale, the Preus clan, Oh! Jay Webber, Mad Jack Cascione, the faculty of both LCMS seminaries, Mordor, and the Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie) - the more one ignorantly yaks about his specialty.

The greater condemnation is reserved for you, brothers, for playing political games to enjoy the income, prestige, security, and benefits of your position. James 3:1 - for reference.

Mediocrities in the Church Visible are drawn together by their need for unearned luxury and acclaim. One liar honors the other, and all liars stick together. Could this be why WELS-LCMS are failing almost as fast as their brethren and sistern in the other mainline sects?

Rolfie One-Note tells people I am not allowed to quote his father's book, which he supposedly edited without noticing its repudiation of UOJ. However, he solved that problem (like Hale) by not mentioning it in his North Dakota lectures.

The Ft. Wayne Twist - Revealed by One of Its Graduates

Someone I have known for a long time challenged me to define Justification since I criticized OJ so much.

I wrote him, "We are forgiven our sins if we believe in the One Who Raised Him from the dead."

He jumped all over me as a heretic, so I explained patiently that I was paraphrasing what Paul wrote in Romans 4:24-25. Remember the OJists are fanatical about Romans 4:25, going back to their precious Brief Statement and Halle U - but only as long as Romans 4:24 is blacked out of their consciousness.

So I asked him for his definition. Note the strange addition - "We are forgiven if we believe in the One who already forgave us, Who raised Him from the dead."

The Ft. Wayne M.Div. had to insert the Justification of the World phrasing which is the heart of OJ and its only message. Faith is not only excluded but treated as toxic. OJ is God's declaration of Universal Forgiveness, thus they amalgamate the Atonement with forgiveness through faith in Christ.

The CFW wagon is a rusty old carriage with the wheels falling off. Some cling to it because denying CFW means abandoning their peculiar claims to glory. How could Holy Mother Missouri, Holy Mother WELS, Holy Mother ELS, and Holy Mother CLC (sic) be wrong? Not just wrong, but damnably wrong as Paul stated in Galatians 1:8 - No Other Gospel!

If not by faith, then by works, and these sects teach salvation by works just as ferociously as their supposed enemy, ELCA.