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Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Cutting Edge - From 2012

AC V has left a new comment on your post "Bet on Bad Doctrine in the Age of Apostasy":

And this is a Lutheran Church? Just what I need on Sunday morning - a seminar on how to balance my checkbook. Check out Hope Lutheran Church (WELS) in Dousman, WI this Sunday, if you want to either be formed into a Pharisee or sent a guilt trip:

The Good Life. How could the richest nation on the planet, the nation with the most resources and the most opportunity be facing financial crisis? It's obvious isn't it? Isn't it the other political party? Or it's the current administration? Or it's the previous administration? Nope. The problem isn't in Washington. The problem is looking at you in the mirror. As we begin this series, we will discover that if our country is ever going to experience a recovery, it will start when the Christians begin paying attention to what God has taught us about how to handle financial responsibility.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Bet on Bad Doctrine in the Age of Apostasy":

(W)ELS is not using the Confessional Lutheran clergy to teach the next generation of Seminarians.

 They’re using the cutting edge New Age Emergent clergy like Ski, Glende, Patterson and Oldenburg.

(W)ELS Pastor Jerrod Oldenburg – Eternal Rock Lutheran Church, Castle Rock, Co.
State of the Church 2012

01:55 - (W)ELS “Seminary asked if (he) would come and talk to the students about what it takes to start a church”
04:45 – “People are the most important part of a church.”
05:20 – “In order for us to have any success in trying to build a church we have to make sure we’re on the same page.”
06:50 – “How can we set it up so we can do worship with excellence.”
07:00 - “We don’t have a baptismal font today, we’re working on trying to pick the right bowl.”
07:15 – “we’re doing this because we’re ultimately trying to build this launch pad.”
07:44 – “So we said, what is the best possible way that we can get people to learn in God’s Word, so we went back and forth and we ended up saying let’s do like some sort of small group kind of idea.”
07:55 - “Some people asked why don’t we have Bible study right away – well we kinda wanta make sure we do worship well. So then we went to bible study and we worked on that and we started doing Grow Groups. And we’ll talk about how this is kinda shaken out in the end. And we also wanted to do some Serve Activities.”
09:30 – “we have over 30 people signed up for Grow Groups.”
09:50 – “Service. You say well how many people do we want to serve? The number I use is 50%, now this is probably getting a little convoluted, but 50% of the average adult attendance, so if we have 35 people I’m hoping we have 18 people serving in church in some way. And you say that actually doesn’t make sense because as a church you say we want you to worship, we want you to grow, and Bible study be we also want you to serve so why do we only want 50%? Well one, if you serve at the women’s shelter I don’t get reports from that. I have no idea how many of you are outside of these doors going to do something in the community and I have no way to figure that out. So I can say, of our own people I’m shooting for 50%. And why don’t we have a 100% of our people serving in church every week? Does anyone lift weights…yeah, burnout that’s exactly it, if you lift weights you don’t actually grow…your breaking down your muscle fibers as I understand it, breaking them down, breaking them down and the only time that they grow is when they recover. And I think it’s the same thing as believers…”
12:30 – “So we said let’s reduce this as much as possible. I want to do three things, cause that’s like triune and really neat. We couldn’t do it. We got it down to four, worship, growth, serve and share. But there’s something interesting though, we’ve nailed number three, have we nailed number four, really well?”
29:00 – “So you draw your little rocket…so right above that write five names of people that you want to say I want to have intentional impact with this year. Just five names…put it some place where you’re going to remember…”