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Saturday, September 19, 2009

"No, No, No, We Won't Go!" - Insubordinate WELS Perish Services Drones Refuse To Leave Posh Positions

Paul Calvin Kelm (DMin in Church Growth, Concordia Seminary, LCMS, St. Louis) will be 65 in December.

Another key player in the Escape to Missouri scenario is Paul Calvin Kelm. He was an editor of TELL (founded to promote CG in WELS), the first secretary of Evangelism in WELS, and the Church and Change leader who refused to dis-invite Leonard Sweet. Kelm's CG brother was welcomed into Missouri with a sweetheart deal - drop by the seminary every so often and we have a call for you. Kelm's son also joined the LCMS.

Everyone knew the fix was on when Perish Services boss Bruce Becker (Chicanery board) hired Kelm in the midst of a budget crisis, with Becker leaving soon after to join the Jeske team at Time of Generic Grace. Coincidence or connivance?

The WELS convention took away the power of Perish Services, gave them a public thumping about their false doctrine, and made them the cutting edge of budget reductions. Shrinkers like Radloff wanted to close both prep schools, but the convention found plenty of fat to trim in Perish Services.

Now the Perish Services guys will not obey the command to "Please go now," as Dr. Seuss put it so eloquently. They will seek and get the support of the Doctrinal Pussycats from the biggest districts.

Can anyone imagine Ski's DP opposing the will of Perish Services?