Monday, February 25, 2013

The Lawsuits And Arrests Will Continue Until Something Changes

The excuse for priests is that they do not marry,
but what is the excuse for married, "conservative" Lutheran pastors?

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "As Seen on Ichabod - Beware WELS and LCMS. Top Bri...":

Physical abuse, and in the case of the Lutheran Synods and Antichrist's Roman Catholic Church - sexual abuse, of the laity swiftly follows the Spiritual abuse that they have so willingly lavished upon the church.

Most recently (W)ELS subjected young boys to their communications director Hochmuth's appetite for man/boy rape as LCMS did with their staff minister and his penchant for pedophilia. What fruit should the (W)ELS expect from the homoerotic Party In The MLC video (fashioned after the sodomite Party In The Fire Island Pines)? How many men, women and children will suffer because of their defense of that offensive product of the New Age Emergent takeover of the (W)ELS education system.

As I told "Intrepid" Pastor Spencer who confessed that the controversy between the Lutheran Synod's gospel of Objective Justification and Christ's chief doctrine of Justification solely By Faith was a dead horse which was not worth the time - the ongoing spiritual abuse of the Laity due to UOJ can, and should, be likened to Hochmuth's physical abuse. The spiritual abuse, and certainly that regarding the Chief Article of Christian Faith, Justification, does much more harm than the heinous physical abuse.

The Lutheran Synods will continue to reap what they so willingly sowed - at the expense of Christ and His Church.