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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Intrepid Lutherans Commend Ecclesia Augustana Blog.

SP Mark Schroeder bought the bar for The CORE,
after Ski and Glende got themselves into big trouble.

Anonymous said...
Mr. Lindee is correct, please take the time to listen to the podcast. The Evangelical Dreck described is exactly what has been dragged into the WELS with the approval, tacit or not, of the WELS' leadership. Please support those on this blog and others who have been "encouraged" to remove their names.
Scott E. Jungen
Anonymous said...
Mr. Jungen,

I couldn't agree with you more.

The first quote in the box from the podcast says:

"They've completely transformed the church service. It's no longer a pastor who is an undershepherd of the Good shepherd, feeding God's sheep with God's Word, making disciples, giving them Word and Sacrament, proclaiming and announcing the forgiveness of sins won by Jesus Christ on the Cross. Instead, it has been turned into a psychological freakshow."

There are those who read this website who will say to that quote "never in the WELS, not even close". Yet one WELS church in my area had there "vision planning" meeting this year in an Evangelical Community church to learn how to emulate their pratices, and are rushing to implement those practices in their WELS church.

Yes, please support those on this and other similar blogs. In particular, I want to commend the young men at Ecclesia Augustana. They are displaying a high level of spiritual maturity faithful to the truth of Scripture that is rare and seldom seen in others many years their elder. And they are being called out in a way that would cause many to shudder in fear. Two names come to mind who similarly faced criticism by the established churches of their time. One was Martin Luther. Perhaps from that name, you might be able to guess the name of the other that I am thinking of.

Anonymous said...
I also want to commend the young men from Ecclesia Augustana. Reading their blog gives me earthly hope for the future of the WELS. Having been there (slightly) myself, these young men may have a difficult time in the ministry, if they even get there. Sadly, these are just the kind of young men we need in the ministry.

Now that other name, do we have to start using the "R word" now?
Scott E. Jungen
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