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Thursday, February 19, 2015

From the Oracle of New Ulm

Sam-Amber told Zach, another MLC graduate, "I caught your gay."

Sam Birner graduated from Martin Luther College, WELS, in December, 2014.
Now he is Amber Noel.

WELS Discussions

  • Amber Noel Birner Well, in my case specifically I do plan on marrying someone who is male, as I currently have a boyfriend. 
    However, your statement is interesting because if you recognize it is a correction, then that would be recognizing I am female, so then for a het
    erosexual relationship I would date a male, otherwise if I dated a female it would be a lesbian relationship.

    Now, could I marry someone who is female? Sure! I *am* attracted to women. But then it would be a lesbian relationship not a heterosexual one. 

    It really *is* a clear cut difference because transgender people exist in many sexual orientations however, so it is still a very clearly different topic.