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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beware of Synodical Helpers - Who Are Helping Themselves

 A pastor can always dry out and sober up
in the Odious Patterson District,
where the women bet on who will puke their guts out first
at a Patterson spirituality meeting.
Or is that a spirits meeting?

Synodical helpers are abundant. They often pop up to help, whether asked or not. The most interesting are the ones who urge the individual to speak to various leaders and write letters, either one being the first step in being excommunicated.

The only way to redeem such a step is to lie prostrate before those leaders, metaphorically speaking, and apologize for ever having a lowdown, worthless, destructive, and selfish opinion. Glaring, they may offer a stay of execution.

Horst Gutsche works with the Church of the Lutheran Confession (sic)
on their German conference.
Gutsche's LinkedIn resume lists his ELCA, WELS, and ELCiC calls.
Cell group has a special meaning for Horst.

Anyone notice pastors leaving the synod, working in secular jobs, and coming back? That is the synodical version of Marxist re-education camps. For adulterers, the welcome mat is always out. The brief exit is just window dressing. But for those who express an opinion, it is the experience of being out in the cold with two worthless degrees, shunned and snubbed by everyone, trying to make a living.

Pastor Al Most-Persuaded took back all his commentary by apologizing to everyone for hurting them. No, the best way to hurt everyone is to stand by while Holy Mother Sect burns to the ground. Synodical Sharia law proclaims that anyone abused deserved it - women, men, youth, boys, girls. Blame the victims and reward the abusers.

One slow-motion train wreck in the Anything Goes District of WELS demonstrated how useless opposition is, no matter what some may think. A group of pastors and laity tried to stop Engelbrecht, Ski, and Glende - always doing things "the right way" - as determined by the criminal element that runs WELS. They got nowhere. In fact, SP Schroeder stepped in to rescue Ski and Glende from their booze-fueled follies.

But that was the final act of this farce. After Ski and Glende sued the lady staffer in court - for objecting to their abuse, WELS gave Ski a new call to the Odious Patterson District and Glende a prominent speaking role at the next teachers' conference.

Cannot spell? Cannot write?
WELS has a position for you!