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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Justification Book Plans

The Book of Concord condemns Jon Buchholz,
his buddy Mark Schroeder,
and the crafts and assaults of the Mequon faculty.

I am not aiming this justification book at the UOJ clergy. They are too lazy to study anything and only want to drift with the winds. They are clouds without rain, weeds that sprout and grow and yet remain sterile, yielding nothing but more false doctrine.

The intended audience includes the interested laity and the pastors who want to study the doctrinal issues. I have noticed over the last few decades that the UOJ leaders want to lead people into the thicket of Synodical Conference history and lose them there. "They lead the people to and fro, in error's maze astounded."

He dared to call his websty LutherQuest,
more like Ludicrous.

I enjoy provoking the false teachers to anger. The old saying is "In wine, truth." But there is also truth in anger. In this case, both may be true at the same time. The arguments against justification by faith are mostly ad hominem attacks. The rest of the arguments consist of pretending nothing was said to upset their fragile egos.

For instance, Webber is clearly trying to argue against my voluminous writing on this issue, but he lacks the courage to cite a single source for his polemic. In fact, someone from another denomination would have trouble identifying what he is arguing against. Why this peculiar fascination with a teacher at a wee little seminary in Canada? Why does he single out the Augustana Synod and portray it as Pietistic (and it was) and paint the Norwegians as orthodox Lutherans, which they never were?

In fact, both groups were Pietistic and left Europe in part because of those issues in combatting the state church. Augustana was powerfully influenced by Passavant, one of the leading Confessional Lutherans of the 19th century, and also led by their own Hoenecke, a professor trained at the Columbus Seminary in orthodox Lutheran doctrine - Eric Norelius.

The same is true of Pastor Paul Rydecki's work, which makes him the new Robert Preus, a prolific translator who also understands the issues around justification and articulates them well. Webber has done nothing except serve as Jon Buchholz' Iago, urging his catechumen to silence all opposition, no matter what the damage. And yet Buchie took years to decide on Jeff Gunn, because the DP was worried "about the souls concerned."

 Pastor Paul Rydecki's books -
where are the bibliographies of Webber and Buchholz?

Gerhard is cited against justification by faith, a clash that would make any TV detective scratch his scruffy beard. Why would Chemnitz co-laborer - Harmony of the Gospels - turn against the Gospel, anticipating the keen insights of Halle Pietism?

The irony grows. Webber's great barb against justification by faith is to call the Formula of Concord's doctrine "Pietism" while citing Rambach - the Pietist - against Chemnitz, the senior editor of the Book of Concord.

Webber is so inept in doctrine and church history that much needs to be done to undo the damage wrought by too much time on the keyboard and too little time in the library. The new justification by faith book will sort out the issues and point readers to good sources.

As I have written countless times, what I have written does not count for much. People have to study the Scriptures on their own and rely on the ruling norm of the Word, the rule norm of the Confessions. They do not need to venture much farther than that. But if they are dazzled by an MDiv district president parroting JP Meyer, all is lost. Those people are as much on doctrinal welfare, counting on Mama Synod as the permanent poor are who rely on the federal gubmint.

Mentioning the Galatians Commentary is especially noteworthy
when Webber ignores its message and argues against it.