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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Explaining the WELS Cult - Love Letter to a Minor Girl from a Pastor?
DP Steinbrenner Bullies the Council into Restoring the Call

WELS Pastor Steve Wall penned a six-page, hand-written love note
to a minor girl in his congregation.

District President response? - He flew to Juneau, to bully
the church council into reversing the decision.
Why are Wall and Steinbrenner still pastors?
At least the Vatican pretends to be embarrassed
by such scandals.


Note the date. In less than a week, this story became a leader for the month.

Steinbrenner's congregation has two Church and Change all-stars on the staff. 

WELS Pastor Ben Workentine vicared at Holy Word, Austin,
headquarters of the odious Don Patterson Network,
one of nodes of the Mark Jeske Crime Family.
Pastor Kristen administered the Means of Graceand the coffee at St. Andrew's,
which closed with a whimper,
in spite of help from Stroh, the synod magazine, and tons of staff.

WELS District President John Steinbrenneris a perfect example of GA hazing.

First of all, several people had a duty to inform the officials of this offense against a minor girl. The pastor should have resigned on his own, and the District President should have reported the incident to the authorities.

How did the DP respond when he came to the meeting? The pastor had already been fired, so the DP was clearly there to reverse the council's decision and kill the scandal by driving conscientious council members away.

Quotation - 

The DP ...behaved right out of hell.

A second council meeting was held three weeks later so the pastor could respond to the charges and formal notice of termination would be given.  As a courtesy, the DP was invited to attend.

At the meeting the DP quickly transformed into a mean-spirited bully and attempted to control the meeting.  He had invited the individual who previously resigned to this meeting to parrot false accusations the DP had fed him.  After much bantering this fool was instructed to leave.  [The church is council-led; this was a confidential meeting dealing with personnel-related detail and a minor.  The council represents the church members.]

The DP was a dissembler--arrogant, smug, divisive and as I told him, with a chip on his shoulder.  His behaviour was right out of hell and the aura of evil emanated from him.  His erroneous narrative was refuted several times.  He was disrespectful, answering questions with questions in a sarcastic manner.  As president I told him that WELS had no authority over the meeting.

This self-serving wolf, undoubtedly following synodical protocol, was a real piece of work.  He did not care one iota about the harmed child and her family, the council, the membership, or glorifying God.  He only cared about Holy Mother Synod and undoing what the council had already decided.  This toxic DP did so rattle two immature council members that one consciously mischaracterized the previous decision and the other backed down.

end of quotation

Pastor Wall and DP Steinbrenner are condemned by their own actions. Readers will remember how gleefully Jon Buchholz removed Paul Rydecki from the ministerium for teaching justification by faith, subsequently kicking the congregation out of WELS and trying to steal their property.

Do not expect help from Synod President Mark Schroeder, whose reign of error has included even more protection of Mark Jeske, Inc, than Gurgle before him. 

The Mark Jeske Crime Family includes a tight network
of Church and Changers, all duly abused in the secretive
WELS initiation ritual at their disgusting seminary.

The GA Hazing Explanation
I have so many examples of the same that I am not going to list them all or even attempt to explain this one - except there is one single, clear and compelling reason for this behavior.

I could write about the degenerate drunks who run the show, or their false doctrine. But there is something unique about WELS that makes the stink-per-pastor much higher than any other apostate organization, perhaps worse than the Church of Rome.

WELS hazing begins with the prep schools, continues with college, and blossoms at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Three factors are 
  • perversion, 
  • bullying, and 
  • lying. 
They glory in all three, saying "We are not good at sanctification."

The men love to cross-dress and force others to do the same. That even carries over to the pastorate, as shown by Wayne Mueller's son cross-dressing with his council members at a church picnic and posting the photos for everyone to see. 

One part of hazing at NWC was forcing the new students to simulate anal intercourse with the Sprinter statue.

I know many tales of bullying and homosexual aggression, from the prep school, where one guy went to the hospital for molesting a fellow student - to seminary, where a new student was sexually assaulted by a seminary student as he arrived to visit the campus. He was hated out  of WELS for complaining about it. Martin Luther College was so keen on making gay and obscene videos that they had to be ordered to stop uploading them to YouTube.

Perversion is so normal in WELS that the pastors laugh about it. 

One part of GA is disrobing in public, where the female kitchen staff can watch from the window. The GA pope I saw played it gay.

The cult uses physical, verbal, and emotional bullying to keep the captives in line. Everyone has a story. "You think that is bad?" Like secular fraternities, the WELS bullies like to inflict various kinds of pain, because "it makes us closer." That sounds like Rome's Opus Dei - pain is good.

Wayne Mueller threatened the pastor (perhaps in that crowd) who leaked information to Ichabod. "If I get my hands on the pastor who gave that to Jackson..." I showed that Mueller's little write-up showed how he was a liar about Luther's teaching. The pastor-leaker thought the threat was funny, but he went back to plantation to serve as a loyal slave again.

Often the bullying comes from "friends" who do the work of the slave-masters for them. The leaders get the "best friend" to phone the dissenter and scream at him and threaten him.

In GA, the upperclassmen split into Hards and Softs, play acting either the Bullie or the Sympathetic Helper. The Bullies scream at the new students and threaten them. The Softs "help out" while laughing at the reactions and reporting back.

Lying Is Standard for WELS, GA Teaches It
GA (or HB) begins with a debate about holding it. That is also a lie. The pastors who are fathers laugh when their sons phone up and say, "They are not having GA this year." 

Often one pastor will pretend to be very sympathetic about the latest WELS abuse, whether the sympathy is aimed at another pastor, a teacher, or a member. The idea is to gather as much information as possible for the DP and to betray the person at the worst possible moment. One person had this done to him twice in a row and never became a teacher because of it. He was very nervous in reporting it to me.

No one can imagine the church officials being such lying, degenerate, unbelieving drunks, but they are. They prove that by what they tolerate, reward, and promote.

His costume, my Photoshop.
Kudu Don Patterson,
anger-holic district president.