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Friday, December 4, 2015

Go Back to Mordor - Where You Belong

Sassy and I were walking when two little dogs escaped their yard and walked up, barking. Sassy already told these dogs off, and they never forgot it. They are just ankle-biters, so I did not worry, but they were annoying Sassy.

I knew my stout walking stick, which is handy as a weapon, could deter dogs. One human against a large dog is helpless, because dogs easily dodge leg kicks and take advantage of their low center of gravity. Once I just gripped the stick and got a large, wandering dog to take another route.

These squeaker toys needed to be taught a lesson, so I raised my staff over my head and yelled, "Go back! Go back to Mordor - where you belong!'

Startled, they moved back six feet, but began inching forward. I raised my wizard's staff again. "Back, I say." They retreated barking. Every so often they stopped to bark again, but they were defeated and went back home.

Winter Is Not Yet Here
The autumn leaves are down, for the most part. We have light frosts at night but brilliant sunny days which are close to 60 degrees.

The roses shut down at Thanksgiving, but some plants are green without blooming. The borage looks ready for spring at this moment, healthy and green, but not flowering.

I bought a metal, locking can for birdfood, because the squirrel ate into the solid plastic chest I was using last winter. I wanted to try some inexpensive grains for the birds, as a CPA suggested. Whole corn is very appealing to blue jays (and squirrels). Wheat is quite popular with birds.