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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Personality Cults Are Also Abusive Cults - WELS Is One Example.
WELS Teachers and Pastors Target the Innocent

WELS Church and Changer - Pastor Adam Mueller,
First VP Wayne Mueller's son.
The congregation was so proud of their cross-dressing
pastor and council that they published the photos on the Net.
Children helped them with their makeup - at their parish picnic.

Readers have been asking about comments I might have received. Some WELS clergy were angry that I turned off blog comments for good, because one WELS pastor in particular was being so nasty about people I knew. He is always anonymous but rather obvious in his clumsy attempts. He even tried various names - to get around my knowledge of his crafts and assaults.

I get complimentary emails regularly, and critical emails are just as welcome. But I fear Mark Schroeder has ordered silence, since WELS responses only encourage me to write even more. And - let's face it, his little pastors do not help their dying little sect with their little hissy-fits.

Here is a two-fer:
prostitution arrest and the WELS poster boy
for sodomy.
Isn't that a Church and Changer on the far left?
By golly....

Mark Schroeder has quite a resume now.

  • He and Mark Jeske's pals stole St. John in Milwaukee and gave it to ELCA, to keep new members from joining and putting worship services on the Internet. This had to be done stealthily, dishonestly, and illegally, because no one involved had any claim on the title.
  • The Intrepid Lutherans group, which he urged Steve Spencer to start, has been dismantled, but Mark Jeske's Church and Changers have been larded with money and promoted in every way possible.
  • He traveled to Appleton to cut a deal for Ski, getting the abusive alcoholic a new call in a new district, breaking the rules established for pastors forced to resign.
  • His missions department gave the Booze Brothers a huge gift to buy a bar in downtown Appleton, next-door to a WELS urban mission, which was like giving an arsonist a gift of napalm. Yet real mission pastors are starving.
  • But he was fine with his buddy Jon Buchholz kicked Paul Rydecki and his congregation out of WELS for teaching justification by faith. (Read your Bible, not the NIV, and the Book of Concord, Mark.)
  • WELS has become known as a cross-dressing sect, because the synod loves to publish photos and videos of its male students, pastors, and teachers dressed as women and acting nellie.
  • The cover-ups continue as one scandal after another breaks, and new sources send the stories to me. He can hardly deny what is published in newspapers. Flushing everything down the memory hole works best when these ructions are rare rather than daily.
Church and Change took over WELS under Schroeder.
Isn't that Adam Mueller? Wayne's son? By golly, it is.

Characteristics of an abusive cult:

  1. Everyone is always spying on the rest and reporting to the bullies at the top.
  2. The rules are very strict, for everyone except the leaders, who are lawless.
  3. The vulnerable are targeted to be used by the leaders, just as Martin Stephan (LCMS founder) did when he told his young women he was in charge of their souls and their bodies.
  4. The group is infallible, so any spot that might damage the immaculate pose is denied, erased, forgotten, or blamed on the person reporting it.
  5. The members suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, in love with the thugs who keep them captive to the man-made laws and always guilty for offending Holy Mother Sect.
  6. Family and school connections are the ultimate claim to authority. Someone can be an abusive drunk, a sex addict, a lazy incompetent, a liar and thief, but the cult will rescue their lamb if he is threatened with the natural consequences of his moral decay.
  7. Gaslighting is routine. Leaders play their GA (hazing) games, pretending to be on one side, then another, saying one thing and then denying it, then acting as if the target is crazy for holding them to their words, which are simply tools for manipulation.
  8. Another language, known only to the insiders, and used with great smugness. I knew the Duggars were in a cult when they began speaking of "side-hugs, defrauding the eyes, Nike," and other nonsense. WELS will say, "In our circles (more like a zero) this means..." They drop their GA hints and how they punish those who talk. 
Under Mark Schroeder's leadership -
Mark Jeske's joint-workshop with ELCA.
Didn't Steve Witte help found Church and Change?
WELSians - remember how they told you to use the synodical schools and area schools to avoid the nastiness and abuse of those public schools? 
WELS is deep into the current culture and definitely an enthusiastic participant in the decline of America. The WELS schools are not an escape from degenerate culture but an immersion in hazing, alcoholism, physical and sexual abuse, and who knows what else.

Michigan Lutheran Seminary, a WELS high school,
cannot wait to get the male students into skirts and makeup.