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Monday, January 25, 2016

Teeth on Edge at SpenerQuest.
Walther Is THE Theologian for Low Information Lutherans

The desperate denizens of LutherQuest (sic) are irritated by Pastor Paul Rydecki awakening the spirit of Hunnius, an orthodox Lutheran theologian who eviscerated the first eruption of Universal Objective Justification. Huber was the Calvinist-turned-Lutheran-turned-Calvinist again who promoted this early UOJ and attacked the genuine Lutherans for not adopting his heresy.

But the Enthusiastic participants at LutherQuest (sic) cannot deal with Hunnius (JBFA)  versus Huber (UOJ). Instead, they write about "Rydecki's position" as if this scholarly translator invented a strange, bizarre dogma that threatens their LCR-sized ministerium. Their discussion consists of sarcastic remarks against justification by faith, which makes one wonder about their Reformation sermons.

The SpenerQuesters prove once again that Walther, who only earned a BA in rationalism, and only traveled in Pietistic circles before the Big Trip to New Orleans, remains THE theologian for low information Lutherans.

Walther is the ideal for synod executives too, since he had "no idea" Martin Stephan was a syphilitic adulterer until a rousing sermon caused one or more mistresses to confess their sin - a fable contradicted by the Founders themselves.

So - even today - the LCMS, WELS, and ELS leaders will not protect their members against pastor and teacher predators, because they see their jobs as erasing the evidence (a felony) and denying anything ever happened, a lie.

Matt Harrion's book was so deceptive
that I had to Photoshop it for some realism.
Harrison could not even finish an in-house
graduate degree at their seminary.