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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Michigander Responds

From The Michigander:

The one good thing out of Christian News, for me, is that I read a short piece about you and your book, Thy Strong Word.  When was that? 2001 or so?  My copy has the pasted pages.  I treasure it.  You and your works have brought me much farther into the Word and what the Reformation was about than any church or class since my confirmation.  So my thanks to Herman for the introduction.  My thanks to you for your work all these years.

So let's hear it for the KJV and the Book of Concord!  If only more out there would join that chorus in time for a proper celebration at the end of October next year.


GJ - I responded about learning Biblical doctrine from the opposition's attacks. The more they had to say against Biblical, Lutheran doctrine, the more I had to study to refute them. By gathering Church Growth and orthodox quotations I learned about the many weak places in Lutheran education today.

Yet no one admits to the pathetic education offered to seminary students, the horrid books promoted by the synods.

One reader, 29A, asked me to provide more justification by faith quotations, so I used Photoshop to feature quotations from the Book of Concord, Chemnitz, and Luther's Sermons.

The English only version of Thy Strong Word can be downloaded and shared for free - here.

I am providing the link here too, because Mequon graduates have trouble once they have to do more than copy and paste.

I always provide the opposition's quotations and positions, because I went to accredited schools. So you can learn more about UOJ from Thy Strong Word than from the nincompoopery published by WELS, the ELS, and the LCMS.

I neglected to add sic to have, since
everyone is singular, not plural.
If they cannot handle English, how can they handle Lutheran doctrine?
Of course, this statement is the essence of LQ stupidity.