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Monday, February 22, 2016

More about Writing - Ichabod and Beyond.
The Power of Myths

The first statistics I check in the morning are the posts being read in the last few hours. Increasingly, like the Glende links which are listed here - or the Paul McCain stories, linked here and also here - stories show up as being read by a group of people, even though the posts are several years old.

In case you wonder how they find those stories, here is a tip. Using Google search engine, put Ichabod the Glory in the window and also one search item - Glende, Ski, Buchholz, Webber, or McCain.

Example - Ichabod the Glory McCain - will yield the latest bog stories on McCain first. Ichabod the Glory McCain plagiarism will cough up McCain's plagiarism. But Ichabod the Glory plagiarism will include all blob plagiarism posts - Glende, Ski, McCain, DP Engelbrecht.

For fun, use the same search technique to find graphics on the topic. Warning. Warning, Master Robinson - I own the Lutheran topics from constant posting of graphics with captions. Serious and funny, they clog the Google search engine. And yet, I have no reason to apologize.

If an old story is being read, I post it again and update it. A blogger said the updates were really appreciated.

Teaching is going well so I have time to concentrate on writing. The booklet on Making Disciples is nearing its finish. That has been fun, so I will produce some more booklets in the future, on Amazon and also for free on the blog. The next big project is Creation Gardening, which will be printed in full color and lavishly illustrated - with photos from my rose farm and graphics from Norma Boeckler.

My three favorite authors in gardening are Facebook friends, and we often chat back and forth. Compare and contrast that with the number who sought to silence me, shunned and unfriended and blocked me, and sought to undermine me in every possible way. They only motivated me to outlive, outpublish, and out them.

"One little Word shall fell them."

Myths are powerful. Even though they are demonstrably false, they dominate the thinking and the errors of large groups of people.

The Missouri Synod was started by a syphilitic sex offender, Martin Stephan, who used his position to be intimate without countless young women. The outbreak of syphilis fueled the riot which Walther led and enabled, just as he led and enabled the clergy circle around Stephan, with his eye on the prize. Walther was poorly educated, in rationalism and fanatical mindless Pietism, but he remains the American Luther for the LCMS and its fragments. That myth is powerful, but still based upon the lies promulgated by Walther and his circle

Even the honest In Search of Religious Freedom has the title all wrong. Stephan was free, as a Pietist in a special Pietist congregation, to conduct his cell group ministry on the church property. But he enjoyed breaking all the rules, taking young women for walks in the woods, installing one in his home,, setting up cell group meetings elsewhere, and having his clergy circle raise money for his luxuries and VD treatment at the spa. Stephan wanted to keep his harem in peace, so his house arrest provided the final step in moving his cult to America. Their early years were so racy, raunchy, and riotous that Walther did not want the history written down.

Even now, the official LCMS history has the synod starting in 1847, when it was officially organized, but the Missouri Synod began when Stephan ordered his cult to American and took his main mistress on the ship with him and his eldest son - but left dying wifey and syphilis-deformed children at home.

Even now, the Synodical Conference leaders, pictured above, try to convince unknowing members that Halle Pietism is Lutheran Orthodoxy.

According to Webber and other snake-oil salesmen,
the Pietists Rambach and Quistorp are orthodox Lutherans
because they agree with the OJ of Pietism.
That is circular reasoning, forbidden in academic writing.

Yes, Jay Webber would have us believe that his doctrinal history, as slanted as the Marxist-Leninist history of the world, is valid, even though:

  • Forgiveness without faith (Objective Justification) is nowhere to be found in the Bible, Luther, the Book of Concord, or the immediate post-Concord era (except in Huber the Heretic).
  • The language and explanations for OJ come directly from Halle University.
  • The OJ/SJ terms are found in the Calvinist translation of the Knapp Halle lectures, a two-fer if I ever saw one.
  • Evidence shows that justification by faith was the main teaching in Missouri and WELS - until the Walther-Pieper faction took over in gradual steps, supplanting the original German catechism of Missouri (1905), the Gausewitz catechism for all three synods, and the dominant influence of Luther and the Reformation versus Calvin and Pietism.
  • Many LCMS pastors now teach justification by faith and some WELS clergy do as well. However,  the death squads do not administer their gracious extending of the Left Foot of Fellowship without fear or favor. Some must be flogged, others culled, yet some spared, just to show the SP will have mercy on whom he has mercy. Nevermind, go back to work for Holy Mother Synod.