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Friday, March 11, 2016

UOJ Responds to Justification by Faith, Extending the Left Foot of Fellowship.
Why Baptize Infants, I Ask, If Everyone Is Born Forgiven?

The Chief Article versus McCain -
quite a gap, dontcha think?

Higher Things Getting To Be Like Rob Bell

Dare To Defend Halle Pietism 

McCain, the early Robert Preus,
the suddenly Italian Jack Cascione.
Gregory L. Jackson Remember, everyone is born forgiven, so it is not needed.
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George Borghardt No, they are born sinners. You are a heretic for teaching otherwise! smile emoticon
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Gregory L. Jackson This is your Chief Article, quoted by Paul McCain. Read it carefully. Born forgiven.
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George Borghardt Ok, Greg... Oh I see, you are doing your OJ vs. SJ stuff.

We are born sinful. Christ died for the sin of the world. That's an objective reality. That reality does no good to us unless it received by faith alone. That happens at our baptisms, right?

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George Borghardt This reminds me of when George F Borghardt IVwas born. He came out screaming. I held him in his arms and said to him, "You little hater of God and despiser of the means of grace. You little pagan unbeliever. Don't you worry. Don't you cry. Jesus is going to save you at the baptismal font!"
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Mark Buetow Time to blot out Mr. Jackson from your Facebook feed, Pastor Borghardt.
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Gregory L. Jackson Bob Preus, using this quotation, says you are wrong, George.
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George Borghardt Mark Buetow Here it comes.. watch it...

3...See More

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Mark Buetow Please, Pastor Borghardt!
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Gregory L. Jackson Mark, that would be sinful, and not do any good. The Chief Article is justification by faith, not OJ.

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Christina Ellenberger Jackson

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George Borghardt He was ruining a perfectly good reveling in our baptism, wasn't he, Pastor Mark Buetow!?
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Mark Buetow Exactly.
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George Borghardt It takes an awful lot to get me to block someone! Two freaks in one week!
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George Borghardt You got your baptismal certificate, Buetow?
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Mark Buetow Somewhere...
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George Borghardt Lol... at the same time you posted that i needed to block him, George F Borghardt IV was already on it.

Freak smile emoticon

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George Borghardt I think the best way of dealing with a day of internet slander is your baptism!
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