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Friday, March 11, 2016

Exposed - Clergy Ignorance of the Book of Concord

Seminex was led by WELS veterans:
the chairman of the board coming
from WELS' Northwesern College and its UOJ prophet -
Richard Jungkuntz.
My friend told me about NWC alumni meetings with all the Seminex bumper stickers on the cars.

WELS is famous for ignoring the Book of Concord, but the LCMS is not any better. One can easily quote Forrest Bivens plariarizing Mark Zarling on UOJ being the Chief Article of the Christian Religion, the Master and Prince, the judge of all doctrine, the article on which the Church rises or falls.

Those are the common phrases used - but always for justification by faith, never for UOJ, which came much later after the Reformation.

ELCA focuses on the Augsburg Confession, and pointedly ignores the Book of Concord, Chemnitz, Gerhard, and the rest. Offically at least - most ELCA pastors would find it a strain to discuss anything in the Book of Concord. They have revised the Creeds in ELCA - and WELS followed suit, cuz "they had to use the new stuff."

But the Synodical Conference has no excuse, since the clergy pretend to have mastered all knowledge, all languages, and the entire history of Christian doctrine.

Yet the LCMS is just as blatant in ignoring the language below, which includes Luther, Melanchthon, and the Formula of Concord, a trifecta in defeating UOJ.

The Brief Statement of 1932 (LCMS) was raised to deutero-canonical status, even though its justification section pointedly refuted the Bible, Luther, Melanchthon, Chemnitz, the Book of Concord, and the post-Concord era.

Various efforts by the LCMS, WELS, and the micro-mini synods have moved people away from the Reformation and into the paradise of the entire world forgiven and saved.

Ignorance of the Book of Concord helped this happen. Laziness about Biblical knowledge accelerated the decline.