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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Warning Signs - False Doctrine Ahead.
Higher Things Leader George Borghardt and "Discuss" by Name-Calling, Blocking

Missing the Target.

When Lutheran clergy are asked about their false doctrine and the contradictions of their claims, they run like scalded dogs.

Mark Buetow Time to blot out Mr. Jackson from your Facebook feed, Pastor Borghardt.
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Gregory L. Jackson Bob Preus, using this quotation, says you are wrong, George.

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George Borghardt Mark Buetow Here it comes.. watch it...




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Mark Buetow Please, Pastor Borghardt!
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George Borghardt Lol... at the same time you posted that i needed to block him, George F Borghardt IV was already on it.

Freak smile emoticon

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George Borghardt I think the best way of dealing with a day of internet slander is your baptism!
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Christina Ellenberger Jackson The last resort of a false teacher is to cry slander.
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Mark Buetow Hey, George, I've got another name for your block list...
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I am having fun with the irony. Apparently, these two Higher Things honchos friended me on Facebook. I get new contacts all the time. With almost 1500 friends, I do not need more to keep me busy, but I accept most requests. The brave pastors of Higher Things, George and his handler Mark, blocked/unfriended me. One humorous graphic and they wanted to block my wife too.

Pastor Mark Buetlow, Media Executive:"Time to blot out Mr. Jackson
from your Facebook feed, Pastor 
Too bad I know Facebook better than they do.

Signs of False Doctrine Ahead

  • Claims are made without any support from the Word, Luther, or the Book of Concord.
  • Assertions are solemnly declared on the authority of the pastor alone, which is a false appeal to authority. Simply going to seminary (party-time) for three years and a vicarage (junior assistant non-pastor) for a year are not enough to make someone the final word on anything. Did you study Greek? Did he? Ask him to translate 1 John on the spot. Haha. The Columbus circuit could not with advance warning, and it is child's play.
  • Gray area - the Word of God is so confusing, vague, and contradictory that no one can really decide on what it says. This argument is from the Church of Rome, against the clarity of the Word.
  • Synod says, synod voted - This tactic is even more odious than the ones above, because the synod is used to contradict the Word of God and the Book of Concord, often while citing the very passages that refute the claim. Synodical votes--manipulated by special interests, compromised by resolving conflicts the easy way--are irrelevant.
  • "You cannot raise this question." The pastor-popes love to denigrate anyone who questions them. Note above - Mr. Jackson - from Mark the Maledictor. This gimmick is common and shows a lack of education, breeding, and manners. The recruiters must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill their quotas.
  • "You have a small church" or "No church at all." Small church pastors are made to feel they have no authority, but the only authority is God's Word, and the secondary, clarifying authority (the ruled norm) is the Book of Concord. The whole synod as an exclusive franchise approach is directly from Rome, but a bad copy, like DOS copying Unix. Many synodical executives, with benefits greater than a parish parson's salary, are really without a church. They feign parish work, but they are not pastors at all. Many District Presidents do not know or visit their own pastors, unless DPs want to beat them like rented mules, or arrange a cover-up for the latest felony, depending on who you are (related to). I have visited and communed every member in my congregation in the last year. And I baptized an adult Christian. 
  • Running Away. I have seen so many false teachers run away. First, the fear wells up in their eyes. Next, they do their best to escape any conversation. The Eighth Commandment salesmen like to block me and run me down behind my back, which is great fun to expose. If what I said did not matter, then they would not be so scared and vindictive.
  • Deceiving others about sound doctrine. As Pastor Rydecki pointed out about George, Higher Things lies about the ELDONA position. If anyone wonders about Higher Things' false doctrine, read their claim that forgiveness without faith is the Chief Article of the Christian Religion.