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Saturday, March 12, 2016

LCMS Pastor George Borghardt, Higher Things and UOJ,
Leads New Messages for the Month.
He Blocked Mrs. Ichabaod, Urged by Rev. Mark Torquemada Buetow

George Borghardt I think the best way of dealing with a day of internet slander is your baptism!
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Christina Ellenberger Jackson The last resort of a false teacher is to cry slander.

Christina Ellenberger Jackson's photo.
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Mark Torquemada Buetow Hey, George, I've got another name for your block list...
Warning Signs, False Doctrine Ahead

Higher Things Getting To Be Like Rob Bell

Dare To Defend Halle Pietism












GJ -

October 5th, 2015

Posted at 7:00am

Pastor Borghardt teaches us why Pastor wears what he wears during the Divine Service. He also teaches us what the robes and colors mean.

Why are the UOJ hysterics so much in love with their robes? And yet, they trust the Word of God so little that they use blocking to banish questions from so-called discussions.

As I expected King George III has responded to to this blog by removing all his public Facebook remarks back to July, 2015.

Larry Beane is another LCMS case of
loving the colorful gowns, hating Luther's doctrine.