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Saturday, April 30, 2016

UOJ Must Silence the Gospel Witness of St. Paul, Luther, the Reformation, and the Book of Concord

Jay Webber prefers Rambach to Chemnitz
and calls Pietistic dogma "Orthodox Lutheranism."

I have read, studied, and posted graphics
from Luther's Galatians Commentary,
which eviscerates Webber's careless and unresearched efforts.

Lutheran Orthodoxy last for a time after
the Book of Concord in 1580,
but Pietism crept in to take over and supplant the Gospel.

The previous post - involving the gaseous Jay Webber - shows how persistently and perniciously UOJ has to have the last word on everything.

What qualifies Jay Webber to speak ceaselessly about his favorite false doctrine? His unaccredited online STM? His books - which do not exist?

One can be a scholar without either one. Many laity are far more proficient in the Word than the self-appointed UOJ Rottweilers.

Webber is quite similar to Paul McCain, who graduated from Ft. Wayne at about the same time. McCain's plagiarism made Otten and Cascione - both UOJ fanatics - think the putative editor was a scholar.

If copying and pasting from the Net is scholarship, then Ski and Tim Glende will soon be teaching at Mequon - or Harvard.

But the intriguing thing is how hard these yahoos work at silencing the Lutheran Gospel. How much hatred much they have for the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace?

Has anyone noticed how these UOJ Stormtroopers betray their non-Lutheran perspective by their use of language? The beautiful confessional language of the Book of Concord is completely missing. They seem unable to say "justification by faith" and "the Means of Grace." They should be able to work from the Biblical doctrine of the efficacy of the Word to deal with all Christian doctrine. But they are silent about that too.

Luther is nothing more than a rabbit's foot for these UOJ experts. They mention him, as if that matters, and show no knowledge of Luther's doctrine at all.

And do not miss this - it is not Luther's doctrine  they speak about. It is not Biblical doctrine they write about. It is "our doctrine," which could mean the Imperial We or the dogma of their sect, a covert nod to their peculiar and pernicious concepts.

The Word of God is His alone. We do not have a license to play with words and use them to advance our careers by agreeing with the dumbest and most obstinate among the American Lutherans. How strange that the scholars of the world have missed the point entirely that Luther taught Pietism's UOJ before Halle Pietism existed. How far-sighted of him.

Like it or not, I was very well read in modern the Reformation theology before I joined the WELS. I never heard of UOJ until it exploded in Christian News. I had trouble believing it was the backbone of Synodical Conference dogma. But - as LCMS, WELS, and the ELS stated publicly, UOJ is the ONE THING THEY AGREE ON COMPLETELY - FILLING THEM WITH JOY!

Naturally, they have kept their degraded dogma to themselves, letting people think OJ is the atonement and SJ is justification by faith. That is not true.

Point out the UOJ raving of David Scaer and the toxic reactions immediately fill the air with vulgarity (Larry Beane) or citations of the Eighth Commandment and Matthew 18. Neither passage applies, but they are used all the time - once again tonight on Facebook.