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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dr. Bruce Church and Brett Meyer on UOJ - From 2010

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Seminary Costs Compared - Missouri Leads With Most...":

The seminaries of the ELS, WELS and LCMS, remind me a little of Scientology in that they think their Waltherian doctrine is soooo much better than all other doctrinal systems, including that of other Lutherans, that students ought to pay a pretty penny to learn it. CG doctrine and practice is just another layer of Gnostic secrets that makes LCMS seminaries worthy of being 9th and 11th most expensive in N America, and the ELS and WELS unaccredited seminaries worthy of being more pricey than the average accredited seminary in N America.

The "Gnostic Secrets Premium" (GSP) is about $5 grand, and if you want accredited GSP (LCMS), add another $7 grand:

A religion where you pay to learn secret knowledge that saves you!!!

Scroll down/search for "picture from a Scientology book" and read:


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Sloppy Synod Sermon":

Pastor Samelson states, "But that forgiveness doesn't do me, you, or my neighbor any good without faith"

This UOJ statement that Pastor Samelson regurgitates for spiritual enlightenment is in the same spirit as a secular backwards compliment.

Note that UOJ has God forgiving the whole unbelieving world of their sins but it isn't true and doesn't do them any good unless they believe it. The Triune God who created the world in a Word. Who speaks of what isn't and it is. Who said "Let there be ..." and it was. That same Triune God has in a Word declared the whole unbelieving world forgiven. But it doesn't benefit them unless they believe they're forgiven. UOJ teaches that God declared the whole unbelieving world forgiven of all sin, righteous in Christ, children of the Almighty God, justified and guiltless in His sight - and yet they aren't unless He calls them to believe that they already are. And that faith they use to believe they're already forgiven children of God doesn't do anything but accept that it's true.

UOJists claim that there's only certainty and comfort in Objective Justification as the UOJ doctrine teaches. It's in fact the opposite. The same God who declares them fogiven of all sin when they believe it is the same God who declared them forgiven of all sin while they were unbelievers and it wasn't true then. It didn't benefit them when God declared them forgiven before - how can you be sure it benefits you now - especially since nothing changes through faith. Remember, UOJ teaches faith doesn't do anything but accept what was already declared to be true.

Note that UOJ teaches if faith justifies, if faith does anything to make something a reality (justification of the sinner through the righteousness of Christ) then faith is a work of man and synergistic. This is a clear admission that UOJ teaches faith is from man and not from the Holy Spirit. An example: Faith is a work of man if it brings anything about that wasn't there before. So they remove the activity of faith and replace it with pure passivity. Their UOJ confession still makes it the work of man. If they truly believed that faith is a work of the Holy Spirit then when shown by Scripture and the Confessions that it is only faith that makes a just man from an unjust man the work would be attributed correctly to the Holy Spirit and not to man. No wonder Baptists Stetzer and Stanley are so attractive to the (W)ELS.

Lutheran Confessions
71] but we maintain this, that properly and truly, by faith itself, we are for Christ's sake accounted righteous, or are acceptable to God. And because "to be justified" means that out of unjust men just men are made, or born again, it means also that they are pronounced or accounted just. For Scripture speaks in both ways. [The term "to be justified" is used in two ways: to denote, being converted or regenerated; again, being accounted righteous. Accordingly we wish first to show this, that faith alone makes of an unjust, a just man, i.e., receives remission of sins".

This BOC declaration alone destroys UOJ for those who are truly Confessional Lutherans:
71] but we maintain this, that properly and truly, by faith itself, we are for Christ's sake accounted righteous, or are acceptable to God.

And if you're not Confessional, meaning if you don't have a quia subscription to the Lutheran Confessions, you're not Lutheran. Just sayin'...


GJ - WELS does not subscribe to the Book of Concord and says so in one of their divinely inspired collections of essays, either the Wauwatosa set or Our Great Heritage. They are not bound by the Confessions or anything else.

Someone would have to purge the pastors of their synod-worship before they could ever deal with justification by faith. Every WELS discussion begins with their own talking points, which define anything following. The Gnostics would be jealous.