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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Let's Hope the LCMS-WELS-ELS Leaders Live To Be 90 or Older.
Let Them Face the Same Punishment as the ELCA Founders

 The apostasy of Andy Stanley is endorsed and financially supported by these so-called conservative Lutherans. Has anyone been disciplined for attending conferences by Stanley,
Groeschel, Rick Warren, Exponential, 

Willow Creek, or Trinity Divinity? 
Conservative clergy get promoted for attending Fuller Seminary and becoming ardent Fulleroids.

The Christmas story about Andy Stanley being indifferent about the Virgin Birth should alert people. People should be alarmed by the inevitable drag of Church Growth gurus into rationalistic denial of the mysteries of the Christian Faith.

The marketing of the Gospel - called Church Growth - is by itself a mark of the unbelief of its leaders and the leaders of Lutherdom - ELCA included. They trust in statistics, popcorn, and pop music because they do not trust in the efficacy of the Word.

 "Listen up, Brett. I got gay ordination and gay marriage passed in ELCA, but a feminist tossed me out of office.
Their time is coming."

LCA Bishop James Crumley lived to be 90, continuing in deep regret about the ELCA merger he helped to negotiate - LCA-ALC-Seminex.

LCA Bishop James Crumley, a kindly but misdirected man,
with Chris Jackson aka Mrs. Ichabod, who saw the LCA
move from a mildly pro-life position to total radicalism.

James Crumley, LCA Leader
From 1987 to 2015, Crumley saw ELCA repudiate liberal Lutheran principles in favor of complete radicalism. Of course, he paved the way with his various progressive agenda items, which included quotas for LCA leadership groups and The Lutheran magazine. He had almost three decades to watch ELCA look upon the LCA and ALC with disgust, making "former denominational leader" a curse-word among the Leftists who took over ELCA because the previous leaders made that possible.

 Jack Preus is on the far left (for once), cousin David Preus, ALC President, on the far right (for once). Robert Marshall, LCA president, is standing next to David Preus. I met all three men.
The Preus family is linked here.

David Preus, ALC Leader
David Preus is roughly 90 years old and still alive. He was said to be a bit jealous of Crumley involved in Roman Catholic talks, so he jumped into joint communion with the Reformed. Wartburg Seminary (ALC) faculty conducted a joint Holy Communion service with the nearby Reformed seminary faculty, repudiating the significant differences between the two confessions:

  • The Real Presence of Christ in Holy Communion
  • The efficacy of the Word in consecrating the elements
  • Forgiveness of sin accomplished through the Means of Grace, the Word and Sacraments
  • Opposition to communion with those who hold to false doctrine

 I wrote to him about his favoring Lutheran-Reformed communion, and he wrote back a personal letter mocking the Real Presence, those differences being not really that important.

That mocking response not only reminds me of Andy Stanley on the Virgin Birth, but also a conversation I had with the second wife of a high school classmate. She boasted of attending a Disciples/Unitarian seminary. I asked, "How can they tell the difference?"

I asked her about the Virgin Birth and the actual Resurrection of Christ. She was dismissive about the topic and said, "Those doctrines are not really important." She did not believe in either one and yet would graduate as a Disciples of Christ minister.

David Preus was just as guilty as James Crumley in laying the radical foundation of ELCA. His denomination started the gay lobby that took over ELCA and controlled the quotas and appointments.

According to various sources, David Preus began opposing the ELCA trends as the New Lutheran Church was being formed. Both men were ignored completely as old has-beens. Others who stuck out their chests for being liberal earlier were mocked and ignored for being fuddy-duddies of the old era.

As I told one LCA bishop, "Lie down with dawgs, git up with fleas." He said, "We have a lot of fleas." I agreed with him.

 Olson is a pain in the neck who got a drive-by DMin
from Fuller Seminary, earning him the Fulleroid designation.

 Pete Wagner got it right,
but he made a fortune from selling his admittedly
fake science. ELCA, Missouri, WELS, the ELS, and others
bought his snake oil at My Sin prices.

So - Matt the Fat, Mirthless Mark, and Pope John the Malefactor - I wish you long years so you can look upon the disasters you have created by always backing false doctrine and punishing anyone who actually studied the Scriptures and Confessions.

I do not wish you any bad health - just the opposite. The longer you live, the worse it will be and the longer you will spend in a living Purgatory of regret, remorse, and recrimination.

And this is the final irony for Matt the Fat, whose secretive work with Paul the Plagiarist made things even worse for the LCMS -

The threat of expelling pastors for discussing LCMS doctrine and practice without permission from His Holiness would have prevented Matthew Harrison Hisself, failed doctoral candidate from ever becoming the Synod President.

Yes, that is so funny, because the entire campaign for Matt the Fat was focused on how horrible SP Kieschnick was. I still get comments back from LCMS pastors - Kieschnick was no theologian, but Harrison is. In fact, Harrison is a hot-air merchant, just like Paul McCain:

  • Overpaid
  • Overfed, but
  • Underemployed.