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Monday, May 15, 2017

Tactics of the Lutheran Left - Apostasy instead of Luther's Biblical Doctrine

Someone appreciated the Luther sermon I posted for Cantate Sunday, so I will soon post the other two, here and on Facebook.

I learned years ago that saying something was available is no match for putting it on the front page with graphics.

Below are tactics of the Lutheran Left, which controls the LCMS, WELS, ELS, CLC (sic), and ELCA. Of course, ELCA has completely abandoned its distinguished theologians of the past, so the battle is over. But these tactics worked well in the LCA in preparation for the ultimate merger with Seminex/AELC/ALC.

Some mark their territory
because leaders today do not mark and avoid

I'm young and I love to be young.
I'm free and I love to be free.
To live my life the way I want,
To say and do whatever I please. 
Leslie Gore

Tactics - And They Work
Attack Faith. Make the word faith sound so repulsive that anyone mentioning faith has to be admonished right away with stern words. This is a version of poisoning the well, listed separated. But faith has to be set aside, diminished, and even removed whenever possible from discussions.

Poisoning the Well. Any source has to ge the treatment, so the source is obliterated from quoting, even from the slightest mention.

  • Luther was "heavily influenced by Medieval theology," or "the early Luther cannot be trusted" (Romans Commentary). 
  • The late Luther is too polemical (Galatians Lectures). 
  • Inerrancy is a product of scholasticism, so Chemnitz made a law out of something Luther never taught.
  • Someone mentions me to WELS pastors just to be entertained by the lengthy rant that follows. I don't know Greek, doncha know, which is why I teach NT Greek on Ustream.
  • Faith is Calvinism or Arminian/Decision Theology. "Don't make faith into a work!" 
Adultery and false doctrine do not
hamper Billy Graham's grandson.

Hysterical Drama. So much fuss is stirred up that no one even thinks of raising the issue or mentioning that person again.

  • One of the few entertainment features of the CLC (sic) consisted of Paul Tiefel and Dave Koenig going nuts whenever I did or said something. Tiefel even took the mike at their mini-micro convention to cry about how badly he had been treated. His season in Purgatory consisted of doing whatever he wanted, broadcasting the crudest false doctrine, and always have CLC Prez Fleischer back him up. 
  • Paul McCain and his stooges make sure that Justification by Faith is never discussed seriously. The LCMS has canonized the McCain Principle by banning all doctrinal discussion.
  • Anyone who dares to challenge the drama queens is quickly labeled, ad hominem, the personal attack. Someone wrote to Herman Otten that I was destroying the CLC (sic). I used that in a meeting where they were trying to silence me. I asked, "Who is leaking privileged information to Otten? I didn't." Utter silence followed.
  • I had fun with the CLC (sic) Sanhedrin. I said, "Some say I am abrasive. And I am." I tossed a piece of sandpaper on the table, "Which side do you use?" Mouths hung open. Later the prez told my friend, "We had to break our own rules, because he was always outsmarting us."
Ad Hominem - Against the Person. This is one way to change the subject immediately (by itself, a favorite tactic, listed below). The idea is to claim that the person is so unworthy of attention that nothing he says is worth considering. 
  • Luther hated women.
  • Paul hated women, too. What do both have in common? Justification by Faith, inerrancy, the efficacy of the Word.
  • Someone is a Fundamentalist, KJV only, TLH only, or even uglier names.
  • The choicest ad hominem fallacies contain a kernel of truth mixed with outright lies. Paul McCain, for example, used our Internet worship services to say I had people "put their hands on the TV set" etc.  Many made our willingness to broadcast evil by itself.
Change the Subject. Nothing works so fast as changing the subject. Fallacies are designed and used to keep away from the main subject.
  • WELS leading lights Zarling and Bivens started essays on the Chief Article, which is Justification by Faith, and switched to UOJ - which is anti-JBFA.
  • According to the LCMS, WELS, ELS, CLC (sic), and ELCA, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation means ignoring and undermining the Reformer himself, his doctrine especially.
  • One way to change the subject is to feature the history of Luther, which has lesser importance, and side-step his doctrine.
  • Another way to change the main issue with Luther is to tell cute little anecdotes and offer some quotations - some of them actually true. However, factual accuracy is not necessary and citations are a waste of time.

Inevitable Conclusion
Those who base their church work and income on falsehoods must pay the price. Unfortunately, they make many others participate in the fee imposed by God and Satan.

God allows the stooges of Satan their time of fun, to punish those who tolerate false doctrine. 

Why don't the esteemed and degreed seminary faculties say something about the doctrinal fraud imposed upon their synods? My answer - they obtained their positions by kissing up the to apostate leaders, so they are incapable or unwilling to oppose any error more significant than "individual cups at communion?" or "shall we allow the Christian flag behind the altar?"

Satan collects from those who earn the most in dollars and public honors. Are we in the end times, the era of the Great Apostasy? Look at the Lutheran celebrities - Jeske and Ski?

List the Evangelical-Pentecostal stars - all tin-plated purveyors of false doctrine, adultery, and various addictions.