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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fuller Theological Seminary closes some campuses but welcomes 'opportunity' of shift to online education | Christian News on Christian Today

Larry is one of many Fulleroids in WELS. Some others are Valleskey, Kelm, Bivens, VP Huebner, and the leaders in world and American missions.
The hissing sound is the air going out of the tires in WELS.

Fuller Theological Seminary closes some campuses but welcomes 'opportunity' of shift to online education | Christian News on Christian Today:

"The news of the closure was released in an email to Fuller students on July 17. The largely California-based seminary says it has seen an expansion of its 'global footprint', with enrollments reaching 6,500 a year across 260 courses due to the widened capacity of online and distance-learning teaching.

Fuller's provost Joel Green wrote: 'However, the significant increase in online enrollment has been matched by a decrease in enrollment on our geophysical campuses. To offer one snapshot, while winter quarter online enrollment has increased by almost 50 per cent from 2013-17, enrollment on our regional campuses has decreased by about 30 per cent during the same period.'

He added: 'This shift from our geophysical classes to online brings with it certain challenges. Primary among those is the increasing difficulty of attracting enough students to foster a genuine learning community in some of our regional campus classrooms – a difficulty that has had a negative impact on the financial sustainability of some of our regional campus efforts.

'Accordingly, we have decided to take steps to close our campuses in Seattle, Menlo Park, and Orange County, and to discontinue offering the MDiv, MAT, MATM, and MAICS degree programs in Phoenix.'"

GJ - Grand Canyon U. has a massive footprint in Phoenix and nationally - - in theological education.

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Jay Webber supposedly hated Church Growth,
but he also hated WELS until he became Buchholz' Iago.
Stolzenburg disgusted Webber until Jay could raise money
off the divorced Church Growth womanizer.
Webber named a Ukraine church after Floyd's
Masonic temple in Columbus, Ohio.