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Friday, July 21, 2017

Fulleroids Are Everywhere Now.
Steve Spencer Raises a Feeble Voice of Protest

Kudzu vine was promoted by the government as the solution to
many problems, but the plant can hardly be killed,
so it swallows up entire regions.
This remarkable Photoshop shows WELS being engulfed by Fuller kudzu while suffering from the Larry Olson staph infection crisis

The news article on Fuller Seminary shows that the school is closing down some traditional campuses, but expanding in the online business. The statistics are not clearly reported, but the total enrollment remains appalling - 6,500.

A Fulleroid is a pain in the neck who has attended Fuller Seminary or its clones. The Lutheran Fulleroids like Waldo Werning first denied being there, but there was a group of Lutherans who joined the Fuller Church Growth group. Wagner also recognized five LCMS leaders for being among the Who's Who in Church Growth.

Fuller and UOJ go together like
ketchup and French Fries.

Here is more choice material for those who like to do their research on Fuller, WELS, LCMS, and Church Growth.

The current numbers at Fuller Seminary only hint at the influence of the school, its faculty, its programs, and its toxic books. The Evangelicals have been swamped by the rationalistic, Pietistic, and Pentecostal effluence of Church Growth. The mainline leaders and Roman Catholic leaders have studied there and made their missions people subordinate themselves to the program.

Because there are so many, they make sure their pals are hired and promoted to serve their Father Below. The LCMS Michigan District changed its Evangelism committee's name to "Evangelism and Church Growth." That is like calling a department of government "Commerce and Marxist Leninism" - a bit of a compromise. No one would wonder which one dominates - commerce or Communism.

These snake oil salesmen fashioned careers
out of promoting Church Growth.
The toothless, spineless pastors went along with it.
Mark and Avoid Jeske is the biggest winner among the Fulleroids.

The Fulleroid numbers also guarantee that anyone objecting to their business model is extended the Left Foot of Fellowship. Herman Otten is a good guy because he sells Valleskey's Church Growth textbook.

Valleskey and his buddy Frosty Bivens are typical of the WELS double-talk approach to everything. They brag about going to Fuller Seminary, but when asked directly, they deny it and call those who label them Fulleroid as "liars." Who is doing the lying?

I could not recommend any "Lutheran" seminary for future Lutheran pastors, because they all teach apostasy, whether the raunchier style of ELCA's failing schools, or the subtler approach of the two Concordias, Mordor, and Bethany.

Werning went ballistic when I quoted him saying that
he went to Fuller Seminary. Valleskey ran away.
Bivens bragged about being a Fulleroid to his WELS entire circuit,
but called me a liar for quoting him.

One of the Fulleroid passions is to get people away from the Biblical model of shepherd, whose Latin name is pastor. They want positive messages from a rancher. "Don't be a shepherd," they say as they browbeat easily-influenced students. "Be ranchers. Aim for bigness."

Decades ago, Kent Hunter (Fuller DMin, like Larry Olson) wrote, "Shepherds do not have sheep. Sheep have sheep." So that is one of the distinctive characteristics of Fulleroids - not that Kent or Larry did much shepherding or ranching. Both left the parish to be hot air merchants.

Essential to this movement is avoiding any confrontation. Talking to Hunter, as one person said, is like trying to pick up a bar of soap on the shower floor. They want to avoid an argument, a position. They flatter and remain positive, as if John 10 teaches - "I am the Jolly Rancher."

They have their reward. They worship growth but their own institutions are crumbling around them, because of their influence, their dogma, their corruption, avarice, and coveting. The one thing they crave will never belong to them and they will die in their sins.

One Lutheran observer said, "That is why the District Presidents are alcoholics. They have to be, to live with the evil they do."

 "Dr. Ben Dover will examine you now,
but the treatment will be very expensive."

PS - The eternally disappointing Steve Spencer, founder of the Intrepid Lutherans - and the first to run away - finally came out in the open against the Change or Die! programs of Mark Jeske, his bro in the WELS ministry.

And he did it in the current issue of Christian News! Like all surviving WELS pastors, he did not criticize WELS, or any WELS leader, or any WELS dogma. Instead he questioned the Siebert Foundation for running the annual circus of solidarity between the ELCA, the LCMS, and WELS.

Is that Steve Witte, a WELS founder of Church and Change,
joining ELCA woman minister in teaching Church Growth?
Did Mark and Avoid Jeske organize this travesty?
But of course he did.