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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yellow Appears Twice in a Few Days - Notes Brett Meyer

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Lutheran Bunko Squad To the Rescue. Saving the Wor...":

Interesting coincidence - after many years of contending against the apostasy in the Lutheran synods - how many times have you seen the adjective "Yellow" being used? I can only recall once and that was only a few days ago.

"Intrepid Lutherans I don’t read this yellow publication or any others of its ilk..." Peter J. Naumann

And now having had his remarks published openly, Luther Bunker posts, "your yellow journalism is nauseating."


Whoever Luther Bunker is, he/she represents a majority opinion within the Lutheran Synods.

To determine the validity of the claim that Ichabod is a source of Yellow Journalism it's imperative to consider the content: 

Exposing the most heinous abandonment of Christ's doctrine and church - the adoption of the false gospel of Universal Objective Justification while simultaneously anathamatizing one Justification solely by Faith Alone. 

Exposing the Lutheran Synod's penchant for New Age Emergent practice and doctrine (remember (W)ELS The Core's sermon series titled "Satan's Sex Ed"?).

Exposing the condoning silence of the Lutheran clergy as the laity are abused by the arrogant and malicious actions of the next generation of unbelievers to graduate from WLS - one (W)ELS pastor just had a dream that Christ wasn't coming soon and is leading his church off the cliff into full blown emergent Pentamethobapticostalism.

Exposing the deceptive and manipulative actions and teachings of (W)ELS Seminary and administration officials as they lead the Synod to adopt the NNIV which was translated by adherents to the Methodist, Baptist, Jewish, Catholic false religions with the result of creating one of the most heinous translations available.

Exposing the horrid culpability of the Lutheran Synods as they finance through Thrivent - ELCA called worker abortions, New Age Antichristian teachings of the New World Order's United Religions Initiative and New Age Green religion, the bloody slaughter of men, women and children through the United Nations.

Exposing the blatant and public false doctrine and practice adopted by the Lutheran Synods and condoned and encouraged by the glutinous Synod administration and apostate clergy.

These are only a few of the subjects exposed on Ichabod with the Light of Scripture applied in it's fullness mixed with the faithful explanation of the Christian Book of Concord.

Many people in the Lutheran Synods do not want their involvement exposed and when they are they become angry and vindictive - to the point of deriding the people who care enough to expose their actions to God's Word.

Judge for yourself - are the false teachings and practice worthy of being defended and protected?

Is it right to continue to cover the public news stories regarding homosexual pedophile Hochmuth - (W)ELS Communications director? 

If you don't think so then tell the laity why the (W)ELS COP recently refused to provide a Seminary student's request for Synod policy regarding pornography addicted clergy?

The Lutheran Synods are a stage show. Ichabod shows the few concerned clergy and laity what their hiding behind the curtain. 


bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Anonymous Defender Is Nauseated":

This WELS cartoon in the last frame mentions the chance of Hochmuth and Piepenbrink going to jail. It only took Hochmuth less than a year. If Piepenbrink screws up in the next twenty years of probation (good chance of that), it will be judged prophetic: