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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Established Synods Have Gone to Flowers Everyone.
When Will They Ever Learn?

Chilstrom began as a Pietist,
and he led his brand new ELCA into gay activism.

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Will American Lutherans Ever Return to Justificati...":

I don't believe they "Lutheran" Synods will ever return to purely confessing the chief article of Christ's doctrine. There will however be individuals and possibly individual churches that will, by the grace and mercy of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, wake up to the damning and soul destroying effects of the false, rationalistic, New Age gospel of Universal Objective Justification.

I recently met two individuals in Oregon State that were actively contending for Christ and His singular Word. And at the time the particular issue they were addressing was the false gospel of Objective Justification. They were two of the kindest people I've met and were sincerely concerned with holding to the true and saving faith, pure doctrine and right practice.

May God bless and keep them, and those like them, who are daily taking up Christ's Cross, contending for pure doctrine and enduring in the One True Faith.

The gentlemen's name was Vernon and the lady's name was Jami. Thank you for your warm reception and more importantly your brotherhood in Christ as part of His Church. Christ's abundant blessings to you and yours.

In Christ,
Brett Meyer


GJ - I noticed, over 20 years ago, that the Lutherans who cared about sound doctrine were the smallest minority and scattered across the country.

Each pocket of faux-Lutheran leaders could manage them by using the various tricks and gimmicks of the false teacher:

  • You are the only one who thinks this way.
  • Do you realize you are hurting Holy Mother Synod?
  • How is your health? Are you feeling any better?
  • I admire your zeal, but it is being misused, I am afraid.
  • Where did you get this information?

To celebrate the Reformation a few months ago, WELS boosted my blog's page-views by extending the Left Foot of Fellowship to Pastor Paul Rydecki. That was a big month with 74,000 page-views.

Pastor Paul Rydecki's books and links are here.

Now Lutherans can get their information instantly and respond. They must be interested in reading. The average monthly page-views are now running at 90,000 or more, which is 50% higher than the average a few months ago.

I have applied for Social Security, which will give me the freedom to increase the number of books offered. I can now make a serious effort in the e-book area, especially during the summer.

The last few Lutherans in Fox Valley may identify with this quotation.