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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pastor Paul Rydecki Resources - Books and Links to Posts.
Justification by Faith versus Universal Objective Justification

Pastor Paul Rydecki still serves Emmanual Lutheran Church in Las Cruces
a congregation which left WELS 
over the sect's embrace of UOJ and the synod's persecution of justification by faith.

Aegidius Hunnius, Polycarp Leyser, Salomon Gesner (Kindle…

Rydecki keeps providing new translations on the topic of justification by faith, so I decided to link them in one spot. The current books or translations are at the top and links below.

Paul Rydecki books via the link


Paul Rydecki books via Repristination Press


New! -  A Clear Explanation of the Controversy among the Wittenberg Theologians


The Judaizing Calvin - by Hunnius


Theses Opposed To Huberianism


Schwabach Articles on Justification by Faith

Links about Justification by Faith 
and Justification without Faith (UOJ)

Luther's Galatians endorsed by reader

Luther's Galatians on Gnesio Lutherans

Roman Catholic adjunct Jack Kilcrease as Humpty Dumpty

Calov, quoted by Robert Preus, repudiated the UOJ position of WELS

Kilcrease, the McCain tutor, equivocates.

Buchholz is anti-Luther

Pastor Bickel on Tossing Rydecki Under the Bus

Church and Changer Jeff Gunn and His Mequon Class of Shrinkers

Paul McCain and Jon Buchholz - Bedfellows of Apostasy

Abraham Is the Common Theme in Justification - Justification by Faith

Pastor Rydecki's Account of His Suspension - October 9th

Intrepid Account October 6th - Pastor Rydecki Suspended

LutherQuest (sic) Opposes Justification by Faith

Warming Up the Tar and Feathers on LutherQuest (sic)

Pastor Bickel Answers Jon Buchholz

Kokomo Statements - WELS UOJ - JP Meyer

Jack Kilcrease Showing Signs of Stress

Dr. Lito Cruz and Brett Meyer Dispatch the UOJ Stormtroopers on Extra Nos