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Monday, March 2, 2015

WELS Pastor Steve Spencer - on the WELS Documented Blog

"I will get back to you after I watch the
season finale of Downton Abbey."

WD1 & WD2 - You are to be commended, I believe, for trying very hard to do a blog for WELS people in a positive manner - at least to the best of your ability. The very evident disunity, even animosity, within the synod, on any number of topics, makes this very difficult. This blog, just as Bailing Water, Intrepid, Polluted WELS, before it, clearly serve to demonstrate that the "walking together" often touted in this church body, is somewhat loose at the very least. The emperor's clothes are thus seen for what they are - an illusion of the "tailors." This, of course, is quite embarrassing to our tailors, and more than a bit unsettling to those looking for a unified church body to which to belong. Therefore, I'm afraid your task will only become more difficult with time. As someone who has done this kind of work for much of my ministry, I can tell you it will become extremely wearisome sooner rather than later. If you last longer than the previously mentioned sites, I will be surprised. Time will tell. Again, your efforts are commendable. Deo Vindice!


GJ -

Either Aristotle or The Fonz said, "Patience and courage are so closely related one is other the sister or the mother of the other."

A better model is Luther, who simply taught the Word of God, knowing in faith that God would work His will through His Word. Gutenberg leveraged the Word with his converted wine press.

People risked their lives during the Reformation and afterwards to teach that Word. Luther's first hymn was written to commemorate the burning at the stake of two martyrs - "Flung to the Heedless Winds."

Now the clergy and laity are afraid of losing that choice appointment on the church camp committee or that trip to Europe via the Riviera. So they stifle their own thoughts and opinions  - and whisper low in Zion, lest the truth be heard on the streets of Gath.