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Friday, May 22, 2015

Scandals - Look at the Enablers - The Cover-Up Artists

The key to understanding the Duggar crisis
is their loyalty to the abusive Gothard cult,
two brothers who molested and controlled children.

The Duggar family lives in the next town over from Springdale, Tontitown.

I often complained to my wife that they were selling a fake intimacy on TV in a carefully scripted show.

I often hear the same message that Luther described as "turning Jesus into Moses and Moses into the Savior." Evangelicals are quick to say that obeying the Law is the only way to earn God's blessings.
I have to caution theology students that good works come from the good tree, from faith - they are the fruit of the Gospel Promises.

Requiring works as proof of justification is typical of Pietism, as Hoenecke observed.

The sad result of rancid Pietism is the need to appear as a works-saint, someone who has kept the Law with perfection - "never had a drink in my life, never lit a cigarette, never prayed for - or with - a Missouri Synod member."

The "cannot kiss until married" rule is now a laughing-stock and fuel for the Left's mockery of the Christian Faith.

I blame Jim Bob, the father of all those kids, for the crisis they now face. He was not honest  with others, such as describing a temporary exile of his son as "going through counseling." He was not honest with TLC, who built the mega-house for the series. Josh had to resign from his job at the Family Research Council, undermining the work they were trying to do. Many are paying for the cover-ups. The daughters are humiliated once again as their names are dragged out in public instead of their marriages being honored.

The pattern is exactly what I saw in the LCA, WELS, ELS, LCMS, and CLC (sic). The synod pets are allowed to do whatever they want, including long-term sexual abuse of their children and their members. On the other hand, anyone dissenting from their corrupt practices is pilloried. Questioning the immorality of the synod leadership is blasphemy.

What demonic urges caused Wisconsin Lutheran College
to invite the worst of the Roman Catholic bishops, Weakland,
to lecture the public and defenseless student body?