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Monday, September 14, 2015

Walther's Grand Plan Has Come To Pass -
All Lutheran Groups United by Halle Pietism's Universal Forgiveness without Faith

This is 29A's favorite photo of Walther.
I cannot reveal 29A's name, only his hexadecimal number.

The number of page-views about WELS-CLC talks intrigued me. Both groups love UOJ and remove anyone who teaches justification by faith.

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WELS and Missouri are astonishly deceptive about UOJ. Although Walther always taught the rationalistic Pietism he learned from his syphilitic bishop, Martin Stephan, Missouri did not teach this false doctrine officially for a long time. 
  1. The 1905 German LCMS catechism taught justification by faith.
  2. The Synodical Conference Gausewitz catechsim taught justification by faith, in print for many decades.
  3. The CPH KJV catechism still teaches justification by faith.
  4. The Holy Spirit, St. Paul, Luther, Augustine, Luther, Melanchthon, Chemnitz, the Book of Concord, Gerhard, Hunnius, Calov, and Robert Preus also teach justification by faith.
The Decepticons do not want Lutherans to know their own history of doctrine, so they stand there with long faces and piously intone that the entire world, every single person, was declared forgiven, guilt-free, and saved - 2000 years ago. 

With smoldering wrath in their porcine eyes, they insist this UOJ has always been taught, as proven by their newest NIV paraphrase.

The Little Sect on the Prairie says, "Amen."

The ELCA says, "We have always taught that doctrine of pure grace."

The Pieper-Walther nostalgics like to play a game called, "That's where Missouri went wrong," and they miss their own error. But let's play for a moment. A tune is easily conjured from these noble words:

Oh, that's where Missouri went wrong, Oh that's where Missouri went wrong -
Took away Latin, closed the preps, that's where Missouri went wrong.

Oh, that's where Missouri went wrong, Oh that's where Missouri went wrong -
Called it a Church, instead of a Synod, that's where Missouri went wrong.

Oh, that's where Missouri went wrong, Oh that's where Missouri went wrong -
ALC invite, almost accepted! - that's where Missouri went wrong.

Oh, that's where Missouri went wrong, Oh that's where Missouri went wrong -
Kicked out Otten, brought back Behnke, that's where Missouri went wrong.

WELS sings this song, feigning a conservative stance, which is especially humorous when chanted by Church and Changers like John Lawrenz, who devoted his limited talents to wrecking his father's synod.

Special sepulchral tones are used when speaking about the death of Francis Pieper, who like August Pieper, hated justification by faith.  Pieper's last opus was reputedly the Brief Confession of 1932, and he died, giving all the fanatics a benchmark in history. That is when Missouri began to slide into the abyss, but not for the reason cited - the death of St. Francis the Confessor.

For reasons unknown to me, the 1932 Brief Confession became canonized as the ultimate statement of truth. The fading ELS and CLC (sic)  still cling to the Brief Confession the way Ishmael latched onto the floating coffin at the end of Moby Dick, the only object to survive the sinking of the Pequod.

1932 Was Indeed a Pivotal Year
The year 1932 marks the beginning of the reign of UOJ in the Synodical Conference. The dogma existed and was taught by the guard dogs of Lutherdom, but never preached by itself as the Pearl of Great Price. UOJ became the armored Testudo Formation behind which the army of apostates marched -
  1. Pentecostalism
  2. Cell groups
  3. Study at Fuller, Willow Creek, and Trinity Divinity
  4. Rock musicians in the chancel
  5. Cheeseheads in the pulpit
  6. Anti-KJV Bible paraphrases
  7. Women teaching men and usurping authority over men.
This conveniently allowed the apostates to avoid the issue while thundering, "You deny Objective Justification?!"

The ALC and LCA Marched Toward ELCA in the Same Formation
During the Depression the old ALC was formed, rejecting Biblical inerrancy and silencing Lenski. In the ULCA, Franklin C. Fry did the same for his group, always protecting the false teachers of the Left. Augustana tossed their orthodox seminary faculty in favor of cool new guys. The 1960 merger of The ALC meant a slaughter of the conservatives by the liberals - same old story.

Only one factor explains all this - once universal forgiveness without faith is taught, nothing else matters. That is why the Lutheran blogs chatter endlessly about trivia. They cannot deal with that one issue and will face the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation celebrating their common false doctrine with Thrivent Insurance grants generously offered to keep them in line.