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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Faith of Jesus.
Updates and Links

My favorite editor, Janie Sullivan, is taking care of some format problems in The Faith of Jesus, the black and white edition.

That should be done and printing in a week. I am sorry for the delay, but retail and some medical issues with Mrs. I (being addressed) complicated things.

I will send out copies to those who helped and copies where I think they will do some good.

The next stage is the full color illustrated version. Norma Boeckler is providing them. The end result will be The Faith of Jesus with beautiful full color illustrations. I am gong to keep both editions available (Amazon) and link the free versions on this blog.

The Trinitarian symbol was drawn by Norma Boeckler.

Here is a chart about some of the larger sects in Lutherdom today. I do not take the doctrinal stances seriously and the numbers are inflated. Consider the chart a bad map on a foggy, moonless night.