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Friday, March 11, 2016

Taking Away the Excuse - No Perfect Translation - for the New NIV.
Video - Introduction to the KJV

I have not seen the whole documentary about the KJV, but I wanted to post it so I could watch it later.

False assumptions lead to massive problems. For proof, watch fail videos, such as "I can swing from this vine or rope into the river, even though I have no upper body strength while carrying a lot of Fritos and Little Debbies as dead weight." Fail.

All objections to the NIV forced upon WELS and LCMS members were met with, "There is no perfect translation."

And yet, when the synods discuss translations, they never include anything with "King James" in that wannabee group. I never call the NIV or New NIV a translation, because both are paraphrases and exercises in bad creative writing.

The laity will have to carry their own weight on this, because most clergy are ill-informed, too eager to fit in, and too worried about feeding their bellies to engage in an honest discussion about translations. Contrary to the assumption built into synodical talk, few clergy have a working knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, or even Greek, which is easy to learn and apply daily.

People do not need advanced language training to deal with these issues. The pivotal man in ruining the art of Bible translation was Eugene Nida, who had a PhD and all manner of posts and positions so he could ruin with translations his way. Lesson learned - it takes a PhD and leverage to ruin the Bible.

By the way, when I was but a lad, still wearing short-pants and riding a trike, this comment came up all the time, "There is a new way to translate - dynamic equivalence, not like the word for word of the KJV." 

New - that magical word. Any package at the grocery store with new on it will sell better than its peers. There are even rules about how often some package can put a new banner on it.

The NIV has new built into its title, but even then the entire thing had to be fixed up by people even more dishonest than the first bunch.

The Beck Bible had to be fixed, so Beck Began God's Word for the Nations. The GWTN had to be fixed, changed all over the place, until it emerged with another name.

Just between you and me, far too many people have smelled the scent of money in Bible printing. Like the manufacture of cars, the key is the break-even point. Once a new Bible reaches the break-even point, all additional sales are nothing more than printing money. Or - total revenue minus the cost of paper and ink. Why so many new Bibles? Why so many new hymnals? Same answer.

However, mentioning the KJV or any form of it
will toss the speaker into the justification by faith dungeon.