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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Is That Possible?
Recovering the Chasuble?
Seems So Improbable!

David Becker did the impossible - getting me to read about chasubles.

First, I caught the angry letter from Paul Webber, Jay Webber's son, denouncing Becker for writing about his father's interest in this Facebook page -

Recovering the Chasuble Among Lutheran Pastors - Public Group

Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church of Scottsdale
Joined about 7 years ago

Pastor at Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ
Joined about 6 years ago

Jay Webber, perpetual peddler of UOJ, is an administrator of the page. So is an ELCA pastor (maybe previously ELCA pastor) Jack Whitenour (sic). His name is Jack Writenour on Facebook and later in the Becker article.

Is Your Chasuble-Wearing Pastor Married to a Man? 
Christian News, September 26, 2016 issue
From David Becker Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 9:29 pm

In reviewing what I have written about the "Recovering the Chasuble Among Lutheran Pastors" Facebook page, I accurately reported that Pastor David Jay Webber of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Jack Whitenour (sic) are the administrators of the web site.

I reported that Whritenour was with the ELCA but he is no longer listed as on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America web site.

I accurately reported that same-sex married ELCA clergy have participated in "Recovering the Chasuble." ELCA Bishop R. Guy Erwin, married to a man, featured his chasuble on "Recovering the Chasuble." The photo is still there.

My view is that this is unacceptable. The chasuble did nothing for R. Guy Erwin or for anyone who saw the photo. The chasuble actually harmed R. Guy in that it presented him as a Christian while God's Word says that he is in a state where he will not inherit the kingdom of God. There is much promotion of ELCA and the Episcopal Church on "Recovering the Chasuble," two groups where fundamental doctrines are frequently denied, and where unrepentant homosexuality is common. Both have female bishops/pastors.
There are photos of women wearing chasubles on the "Recovering the Chasuble" Facebook page. Keep in mind that "Recovering the Chasuble" is not a neutral site. It advocates for an agenda, speaking of "the devastation of Pietism."

"Unfortunately, what many think of as 'old Lutheran' is really the black robe of the Pietists borrowed from the Calvinists." Criticisms of the so-called pietists may be warranted in some limited cases, but "Recovering the Chasuble" presents those who oppose chasubles as the big dummies who don't understand anything about genuine Lutheranism.

The chasuble wearer may or may not be married to a man. Pastor Paul Webber complains that "Mr. Becker slanders my father, Rev. David Jay Webber, implying that his being an administrator of a facebook group devoted to liturgical vestments is something for which he will, someday, have to give answer to Christ."

How is it slander to say that Pastor David J. W. will have to answer to Christ for how he administers that page? We will all appear before the Lord on judgment day. Pastors/teachers will be judged more strictly. A shockingly bad statement by Paul Webber that compounded the sins. It may be possible to advocate for chasubles in an acceptable way, but the "Recovering the Chasuble Among Lutheran Pastors" Facebook page does not come close to doing that. It is a very shameful and Satanic web site as it currently stands in my opinion.

Paul Webber - ELS Pastor, Jay's son
It looks like the person who heads up this organization wears a nice chasuble. Plus, this is an ELCA congregation, so it must count!


Published on Nov 14, 2013
A journey in image and song into the spirit of the purple church. Featuring herchurch folk group Vocal Divine singing "Our Mother" Words by Miriam Therese Winter, Music by Pamela Parker, from the cd "HER Sacred Songs." Photos by Alice Heimsoth and Stacy Boorn. Images captured at herchurch in San Francisco.

You Tube Comments

Anna Ostara 
So healing! I sing this version when I pray Goddess rosary now! <3
Actually God is a guy so it should be our Father. Thank You.
Collis Nelson 
God is not a man. God is beyond gender and it is appropriate to refer to God as any respectful pronoun.
Bradley Singer 
+Collis Nelson "God is not a man." Yeah, ok, so long as you throw out the Bible, the historic Christian Church, the existence of Jesus, and, you know, the 154 times Jesus called God "Father" in the Gospels alone. Not only that, by writing this "prayer" you're editing something that came out of the mouth of Christ Himself. God tells you how to pray to Him and worship Him, and you decide He's not being "gender inclusive" and change His own words. Yep, smells like heresy to me.
Christ Sophia Mass at HerChurch - Once the Mother Church of the West for the Augustana Synod

I stumbled across this gem today. At least it looks like it will keep you warm.

GJ - But dad Webber got an STM from an ELCA-based online seminary that trains, ordains, and commissions women pastors.