Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans' Day - Veterans' Honor Rose

Veterans' Honor rose has been called
the ultimate red rose, a good way to remember
and thank our military service members.

Veterans' Day reminds me of our friend in Columbus who ran out of the LST for each beach landing in the Pacific, carrying a smoke pot to disguise and protect his fellow soldiers. Norm Woehrle is still alive, in his 90s.

I think of classmates from Moline, living and dead, who served in Viet Nam.

At the reunion previous to the 50th, we had dinner with Dave and Linda Pearson. He had a previous health crisis and passed into eternal life not long after that.

Recently, cousin Peter Ellenberger was honored by his peers in the military, just weeks before he passed away. Phone calls to Pete and Helene were routinely fun, even though he had many health problems. We are so glad he was so pleasantly surprised and uplifted by those in uniform.

Someone - not I - won a trophy with
these Veterans' Honor roses.