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Friday, January 13, 2017

WELS Survivor Addresses the Education Post

Pastor John Gore, LCMS, formerly WELS, quoted with permission, responding to this article on Lutheran education:
As a worker-priest with 10 years of experience in metal fabrication I can see the end of it. The manufacturing jobs are drying up even though industry is always whining about not finding anyone qualified to run their machines (and you'd better be willing to work 60+ hours a week and on Sundays too). I've been unemployed for three months at the moment (this is the third time in as many years). 

When I create my resume I don't even put my M.Div on it. It's totally worthless. It's so sad seeing the faces of those WELS farm boy pastors who think their M.Div is worth anything in the secular world. They've been sold a bill of goods by the prep., the college and the Sem. Getting a degree in something useful in the secular world is probably a good thing while you're preparing for Sem. Too bad I didn't do it. At 61 it's too late now, and I can't afford it anyway considering my debt load. So I guess it's Walmart for me! Thanks for nothing Mequon!

GJ - John and I happened to be room-mates at a WELS gathering. WELS decided to remove him for teaching the Word consecrates.  Likewise, they got rid of Pastor Howard Festerling, now deceased, for teach the Word alone is effective.

We also had a great time talking at a bookstore. Heiser was there too. We were kicked out when the store was closing, but not dis-fellowshiped.

The Wisconsin sect has done so many evil things against good pastors and supported so many drunken adulterers.... There is not room enough on the blog to post everything.

They treat teachers like dirt, too.

Later I will get into the inevitable effects of such corruption.

Callable? Sure.