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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Only $40 for the Pastoral Theology of the UOJ Heretic - CFW Walther.
Polishing the Missouri Synod Myths

 No hiding the unGospel in this ELS reprint - 
the entire world is forgiven - without faith -
pure Halle heresy.

Yesterday John Pless was promoting the $40 Pastoral Theology of Walther - on Facebook. On his post, I noted Walther's sordid history with the Martin Stephan sex cult, so he unfriended me. Other Walther disciples added their praises below as if they had not read anything or looked at the graphics I graciously shared with them.

Gregory L. Jackson I would buy it as a humor book - how to make a serial adulterer into a bishop, sign his bishop-for-life document, and organize a mob to threaten, rob, and kidnap him at gunpoint. And then - erase the facts and forget all that.

Concordia Publishing House is good at digging the gold out of the pockets of their pastors, teachers, and clergy. Herman Otten had a much cheaper version of this book many years ago.

My largest book, at about 650 pages is only $7.52 at the author's cost, at Amazon.

Thy Strong Word - $7.52
By Dr. Gregory L. Jackson

Hardcover adds a little more cost, but not much. For Amazon to sell my book to me at the lowest cost, they must pay less than $7.52 to manufacture a copy.

Most of my books are sent free to individuals or at the author's cost plus shipping. Each title is on Kindle Unlimited, which allows readers to get all the titles for "free" by paying $10 a month.

By charging so much, CPH enables an enormous cash flow to pay the princely salaries of the boss Kintz and his wayward underling Paul McCain, the only person in the publishing business to get away with blatant plagiarism. Even those who confess and apologize are usually fired on the spot, but McCain did not even apologize.

When I brought the plagiarism up to Kinz, he unfriended me too.

The primary problem with Walther is his consistent history of teaching against Justification by Faith. Posing as a new Luther, Walther manipulated history to make himself the founder of the Missouri Synod and the One With All the Answers. As one of my Lutheran FB friends says, "The worship of Walther in the LCMS is nauseating."

Does anyone say The Great Krauth and sponsor a Krauth League? 

Does anyone say The Great Hoenecke and call youth groups Hoenecke Leagues?

The LCMS has no less than two shrines to The Great Walther, plus a statue at the Purple Palace.

But the LCMS does not have an official UOJ teaching, as one DP admitted. UOJ is not in their catechisms, so the Preus franchise is decidedly ignorant of their own doctrinal history.

Likewise, WELS. The Gausewitz Catechism taught Justification by Faith, so they deep-sixed the author and the booklet. 

If all of them taught exactly the same error, the false doctrine would remain.