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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Four Million Views on Ichabod the Glory Has Departed.
Now Averaging Almost One Million Views Per Year

The Lindsay Lohan endorsement increased 
Fox Valley WELS views by 11%.

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Ichabod readers have been waiting for the rollover to 4 million views. This is not an exact science, but the trends do show what readers are following. 

Several Fox Valley WELS scandals pushed the monthly views to over 100,000, but The Donald fixed that by making Doebler a seminary professor and sneaking Ski into Texas. The Jeske-Patterson Crime Family protects its own.

My prediction - Ski's mission will fold, even if they have live bunnies to pet every Easter. No, not that kind. Patterson and Doebler have proclaimed the resurrection of Christ by promoting live bunnies to pet on that holiest of days. When Ski's mission is about to fold, The CORE will magically call him back to Appleton.

DP Don Patterson welcomes everything
except Lutheran doctrine.

Favorite Posts - Last 30 Days

Using the logic of WELS, shouldn't James Tiefel
be traveling all over to speak on the evils of demon rum -
while handling the cash bar at worship events?

Martin Luther College graduate poses- on the far left.

All Time Favorite Posts

I predicted the demise of Paul McCain's Catholic plagiarism blog, Cyberbrethren, before it happened.
Some Lutherans are gone but not forgotten; McCain is forgotten but not gone. Now his boss is facing re-election and quashing discussion of the alleged $1 million lawsuit.

McCain's former host for his blog promotions, LutherQuest (sic), finally noticed the Harrison lawsuit story and used my graphics, but failed to give due credit. I am hurt.

Glende's juvenile delinquents tried a number of times to keep a blog going, under several names. Their repeated violations of the law doubtless encouraged a shutdown of their scatological fantasies and pretensions of scholarship. Their best post denounced Inuitu Fidei - the Faith of Eskimo.

WELS - do not let someone use Latin in publicwhen he majored in partying and bullying.
The overall theme of this blog is comparing the efficacy of the Word, as taught in the Scriptures, with evil fruit of corrupt doctrine and unfaith.

Naturally, that means comparing justification by faith with Halle University's UOJ.

It also includes Creation gardening, evidence of design from the beginning of time - Genesis 1 and John 1.

Apostasy is an issue in all denominations, and the Church of Rome is leading the way in undermining its own.

I do not have to look for scandals. They are emailed to me all the time, by various sources.