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Sunday, August 30, 2015

WELS and LCMS Are Really Mainline, Or Sideline Denominations - Following in ELCA's Hoofprints.
Which Photo Is WELS, Which Is ELCA?

Missouri and WELS imitate everything in ELCA they denounce. Some of the clergy are more conservative than ELCA's, and women's ordination is just catching on in the LCMS and WELS, but they will follow ELCA's hoofprints obediently.

Missouri and WELS covet the size and financial depth of ELCA, even though their big sister is dying faster than pumpkins in October.

Did anyone "resist the beginnings," as Lenski wrote? They resisted Lenski during the ALC merger of 1930. They silenced him from speaking out against merger and  replaced him with a liberal at their seminary. They stopped printing his classic commentaries.

Lenski is so good and thorough that other denominations admire his work and use it.

Only ELCA would have their male pastor and male council members dress as women
and be made up with women's cosmetics by children of the congregation.
Right? Right?

Only ELCA is stupid enough to post this on their parish website
and give away the password for several days.
Right? Right?