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Monday, March 21, 2016

Someone Asked about Future Publishing Projects

This is Norma Boeckler's garden,
which is the proposed cover for Creation Gardening.
Creation Gardening is being written - and photographed - at this time. As various plants emerge and flower, I will photograph them for the book.

Making Disciples: The Error of Modern Pietism began as a requested essay, which I decided to publish. That dealt with the Great Commission being turned into Law - "Go and manufacture disciples" - and issues involved with bad translations. On a whim I made it into a booklet, and I get that printed by Amazon for only $2 at the author's rate. Having it on Kindle is a plus, since so many (like me) have Kindle libraries, with easy access on any device.

A Kindle book on the computer can be searched and quoted easily. Thy Strong Word, which is being proofed, is going to be a fraction of the price of a printed copy, when obtained as a Kindle production.

I ended up with many requests for multiple copies, so the essay was sent out many places and shared with others. That parallels Walmart's spoke-and-wheel distribution system. A Wamart DC is built in the middle of future stores to serve that group for the future. The DC is the wheel and the spokes are the truck routes to each store. In publishing, that works better than trying to get a title into the hands of individuals.

Because of Making Disciples, I am going to create some more small projects. One planned project is an essay of similar size, 50 pages, on the Scriptures, use of the Word, efficacy of the Word, and how to test translations.

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is bound to be filled with American Lutheran leaders pretending to honor Luther.

Look at the fake homage paid to the KJV for its anniversary and the hymn-writer Gerhardt for his centennial. How often is the KJV ever mentioned as an option for Lutherans?

How often are Gerhardt's hymns actually used in Lutheran worship? Luther's? Did he write hymns, besides A Mighty Fortress? And yet, when I quote Luther and Gerhardt in my theology classes, the students respond with exclamations of praise for their spiritual insights and the comfort offered.

I am open to suggestions for booklet themes. I plan to do more of them because they are easier to write and produce.

For instance, I could write one booklet on Creation and roses. Our favorite rose, Queen Elizabeth was developed by a Lutheran Creationist.

Queen Elizabeth rose.
Her private gardens are toxin free.

This Just In - From a Reader

His suggestion is a list of books Lutherans should read. Excellent choice. That would be an annotated bibliography, about why those books would be worthwhile reading.

There are key books about leading false teachers, the modernists of the 20th century. I will include those, too.