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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ichabod the Glory Has Departed - Five Million Views

Somebody - stop Ichabod.

I am not sure how to report 5,000,000 views. The blog statistics have varied greatly in the last few months, from rather slow - about 2,000 views per day - to riotous levels, 33,000 on one day. They go down and back up again, too.

I assume that Internet software and possible hacking attempts have raised the numbers to the stratosphere. However, the number was almost 5 million anyway, so that is enough for me.

Four million views in 2015.

Three million views in 2014.

Two million views in 2013.

 Tell me more.
Symon Scheiwe to Confessional Lutheran Fellowship
comments by Rolf Preus, missing the point.  The question is on why WELS is not in fellowship with LCMS.  How did "shunning" become a Lutheran idea?

Rolf Preus The speaker is from ELDoNA, Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America. I became familiar with the ELDoNA some years back. They have taken a very strong stand against the doctrine of "objective justification," the teaching that God, for Christ's sake, has justified the whole world. "Subjection justification" is the teaching that the only way anyone can receive justification is through faith alone. Both the LCMS and the WELS teach both objective and subjective justification. A WELS pastor who was kicked out of the WELS for denying objective justification joined ELDoNA and soon afterward ELDoNA publicly attacked this doctrine. While there are many sincere people associated with ELDoNA, I would urge confessional Lutherans to avoid them on account of their false doctrine concerning justification.

[Confidential to Rolf - Please read the definition of the Chief Article in the Book of Concord. Thanks.]

ELDONA and the Rolf Synod -
Rolfians went back to the ELS.

ELDONA was silent for a decade on justification,
in fellowship with the Rolf Synod,
and suddenly against OJ and SJ.