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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hissy Fits, False Accusations, and Some Normal People Respond to WELS Documented

Anonymous complainers excuse themselves by blaming
a blog they claim no one reads, no one respects, no one follows.
They always have their nappies in a knot,
because they do not have any faith.
  1. Anyone else notice how comments and whole articles seem to disappear from this blog. Almost as if Joe Jewell and Lidtke are hiding something....
    1. Dr. Joseph JewellFebruary 4, 2015 at 7:44 PM
      While I'm a regular reader, I am not the proprietor of this blog, nor have I ever contributed anything to it.

      When I write, I use my name. One of the reasons that I am outspoken is because I have that luxury as one who does not depend upon the synod for my family's continued earthly security. I wish more pastors and teachers were outspoken, too, but I recognize that they are much, MUCH more constrained--after all, an anonymous detractor might call out names and append vague-sounding accusations (hiding WHAT, exactly?), as Pastor Lidtke found out tonight. I expect that the authors of this blog are one or more called workers who are anonymous because they do not want targets on their backs. I am saddened that it is so, but I can't say that I blame them.

      I am one of four administrators at the "WELS Discussions" Facebook group (, which I encourage all to visit and participate in, but we are not affiliated with this blog.
  2. So, a friend emails to tell me that I've been outed as an author of the WELS Documented blog. Wrong guess. My son is involved at WELS Discussions on Facebook, and I do comment on there on occasion, but I'm not hiding a thing. I've let Joe Jewell know that he's been outed as well. I'm sure he'll respond soon. What disappeared?
  3. This blog should go the way of all the rest. Gone.
    1. I disagree with your blanket statement. Some of the blogs may have been objectionable but others served a noble purpose. I for one mourn the passing of Intrepid Lutheran's as an active blog. It was insightful, well moderated and informative. A beacon of light and a call of reason to a synod that is deliberately steering a course from sound practice and inevitably from sound doctrine. It appears though that those steering the ship prefer the siren call of Evangelicalism to sound Lutheran practices.

      Eine arme Schaf
  4. Well, I'm not going to say a blog should go away. Dialogue is good. But I do think that as soon as the blog descends into the same rut as the others, with exactly the same voices, it no longer adds value. Look at the WELS Discussions page. Good idea, some posts contain some good conversation. I enjoy much of it. But as soon as the same ultra-confessional, academically-minded moderators enter the conversation, there is no room for other voices. If you're going to moderate an online conversation that encourages multiple viewpoints and is mutually beneficial for all, you need to maintain neutrality and respect all participants. Earn trust, in other words. There isn't a forum online right now that has succeeded in this regard.

    Why am I anonymous? Because these forums haven't earned my trust. Ichabod is a big reason for this. His approach is not to edify, enrich, and build up. (i.e. It is not a Christian approach.) He is not trusted or respected, and he prevents forward progress.
  5. Why was the subject of alcohol in the WELS colleges and prep schools considered so "dangerous" that the page disappeared? Can the WELS never admit that it has failings? I wonder how bad that poor woman who authored "Shattered Pulpits" was "beat up" before she called it quits? As far as pastors bearing burdens confidentially, unfortunately I have known some who, because the congregation is fairly small, and they give examples of sins without naming names, it is still extraordinarily simple to identify the person they are referring to. And often the 8th commandment applies to everyone but them...
  6. I was the one who shared the comments about it being a sensational blog title. The comment at 8:00pm on this thread was also me. Let's make this easier. I will always sign my posts with "Your brother".

    The topic is important. If there are those who believe there is an institutional problem, let's talk about it. But the blog title and the picture of a guy pounding a beer were highly sensational. That approach prevents dialogue. We were actually making strides to bring the conversation around to beneficial dialogue, but then it was removed. Perhaps it was because the post was not written in the Spirit of Christian love, and the author knew it. I do not know.

    For what it's worth, I do not believe there is a cultural problem with drinking at MLC. I do think the COS parties and Northwestern holdover traditions are unhealthy and rarely encourage Christian behavior. If the conversation is to abolish those, great. Let's have that conversation.

    Your brother
    1. Thanks for you feedback Anonymous 8:31, we took the post down, because we didn't want to even give the appearance that we were after sensationalism. The original intention of the post was, as you stated in your last paragraph, to discuss groups like COS but I didn't want to specifically target them in the title because that seemed wrong also so I was trying to go generic.

      You said, "Let's have that conversation". Do you have any ideas/suggestions on a better way of bringing up topics like that for real discussion without coming across as sensationalism? Was it mainly the title and graphic that gave that appearance?
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