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Sunday, March 13, 2016

WELS Pastor Comments on His Sect

This pusillanimous little church body doesn’t do much at all, and what she does, she doesn’t do very well, but a couple of things she does extremely well –

a.) brainwash her teachers and pastors into thinking that she is as perfect and clean as the wind-driven snows of northern Wisconsin, and

b.) punish severely and thoroughly anyone and everyone, sooner or later, who either refuses to be brainwashed thusly, or breaks free of the WELSian mind-control, or, even worse, breaks free and then, horror of horrors, encourages others to attempt to do so!


GJ - When Al Just killed his wife but made up a lame story about her rolling over on a steak knife in bed, WELS students were expected to believe this fable.