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Sunday, June 12, 2016

ELDONA - Strange Animosity and Accusations.
From Bishop James Heiser Himself

Jim Heiser asked me to help raise $1800 for a set of orthodox books he wanted -
and I did. I also gave him a rare set of Luther - Erlangen edition, I believe.
He "borrowed" another rare set (loaned to us by someone else) and kept it.

ELDONA has a strange way of showing thanks for all the coverage on this blog. Just last week, copies of my book The Faith of Jesus were ordered OFF the conference display table. One member thought to buy some extras and was putting them out.

I remember when Heiser was still wedded to Objective Justification, but did not know what the term really meant. When he read Thy Strong Word, 2000, he was appalled by the true meaning of OJ. That was 16 years ago. He sold copies of the 2000 edition and promoted them on his website at the time.

Heiser also came to several conferences I helped organize and invited me to speak at his parish, which I did. We talked many hours about his effort to take the Malone congregation out of the LCMS.

I knew about Heiser's efforts back in Decatur, Illinois with Randy DeJaynes, but not the whole story. I am not sure if Wikipedia has much of an idea.

Why the Hostility from Heiser?
Heiser informed the book giver:

  1. I posted a terrible blog item about ELDONA in 2008. 
  2. I am "a liar" in the words of The Right Reverend Heiser, the title he uses for himself.
  3. I violated copyright law by copying portions from "his" books (aka Gerhard, Chytraeus) into my books. Hint - The Fair Use doctrine allows for this and authors welcome reviews and references to their research.
  4. I am "crazy" - Heiser.
  5. I am a false teacher because I do not belong to ELDONA - various pastors in the group.
  6. However, they appreciate all the positive coverage they have had in many posts, which are linked below. I have to wonder - were those written in my rare, lucid moments or do those posts prove that I am crazy? Or - was I lying when I encouraged them for advocating Justification by Faith against the UOJ Enthusiasts.
  7. Heiser also said - "He is no friend of mine."

Banned in Malone!
Similar works (free) were banned at the Emmaus Conference.
References to Ichabod are banned on the Steadfast Lutherans (sic) blog.
WELS students at Martin Luther College - note the irony -
are told not to reach Ichabod.

ELDONA "needed to vet the book" before it could be distributed,
but Heiser had the entire file seven months ago.

Eldona Pastor's book on the Apocrypha - 2016

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Theses 11 and 12. Very important about Easter absolution.

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End of links posted.


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As if to fan the flames, Eric Stefanski wrote in part -

BTW, regarding your other Ichabod post today: I do think that you should take down the ridiculous accusations against both the ELDoNA and Augustana Ministerium as gateways to Eastern 'Orthodoxy', as well as the one about Heimbigner's doctorate being from Baylor…but I never have objected to your labeling of me and what I learned to teach from the Ft. Wayne sem regarding UOJ, as what I taught was, indeed, wrong. I probably would have figured it out sooner, though, had nuclear strike been your last line of response instead of your first.

That said, this current post against the diocese is misguided and should be withdrawn. Again, I see no need for me to speak further, as you will either honor this request or not; your post was, simply, wrongheaded in every way.

GJ - So much drama, so little content. Nothing is more conciliatory than to order censorship. Do I order blogs to erase their material? I cannot remember doing so or even having the urge to say, "Rev. So and So, tear DOWN that post."