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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pastor Paul Rydecki and WELS DP Jon Buchholz,
Featured on the Front Page,
Christian News, October 15, 2012

Reverend Paul Rydecki is still listed as the pastor of his congregation,
contrary to the Christian News article by David Becker.

Click here for the Schwabach Articles on Justification by Faith

The Intrepid Lutherans would be the best ones to contact about this, apart from Pastor Rydecki himself. I remember Doug Lindee defending justification by faith against Jay Webber, who defends the Halle exegesis of Rambach (as Marquart does).

I leave those URLs out in the open, because Mequon graduates cannot find them and subsequently accuse me (behind my back). I would not mind if they apologized behind my back, too.

Christian News has print, online, and hybrid subscriptions:

I am going to list links related to various topics. My left column is rather full, so I will just have a sticky post on the left for these. Be warned in advance - I am embedding these links, so use the mouse to click on them.

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